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  1. Hello Paul I uinderstand when you tell me about the waste of time to reply to all users talking about the same issue but at least have an official post stating that you understand that people are experiencing probles landing and/or using autopilot but.....someone is working on it. This would have been greatly appreciated. It has also, I have read this somewhere, to offer the download of the previous versions so to....."Ease the pain" and at least be able to go back to a better status/performance. Now for what concerns version 1.0 I didn't say that I prefer this one to the most recent one.......not at all......but....it's the only one that you can land with at least manually, I did say that it wasn't the greatest version but decent enough for a complete flight, so someone can have a little fun while enjoying this beatiful "Eye Candy" product. I am sure you know what is the feeling like when you buy something new and you want to use it, right? Paul thank you very much for your reply I truly appreciate it. I hope someone is looking into this FDE issue and releases something fast like a "hotfix", Aerosoft is almost there to make this product flyable. As per the "feel" of this Airbus "simulated/forced flare" again I can't give you a true opinion as this is not a product that I have been ab le to enjoy so far it doesn't feel like an airbus that's for sure....I can't compare it to the real thing, sorry to say. I can't feel the weight and the handling of an A320, I am hoping later on with the new FDE fixes ......I will defintely let you know. Best regards, Frank D.
  2. To all users and especially to the Aerosoft Team, after my few posts complaining about the V1.20 FDE, I simply wanted to inform you that I went back to V1.0 and I was able to do a manual landing , this time, no problem! It's not the best FDE or aircraft behaviour but.........and it's a big but.........it works in a decent, acceptable way. The only thing I ma now missing is the fixed wing view that, honestly, doesn't bother me. I am still upset as a customer as I didn't get an official reply from Aerosoft as for the problem, a lot of people are experiencing landing this bird with or without autopilot. I was lucky tyhat I had kept a copy of Version 1 without deletting it. So, for your info, on my system both V1.1 and V1.2 do not work on manual or auto landing. Please I don't need anyone to lecture me on try this..... and try that....... I am a former, retired, airline pilot and I have flown this bird for years. I appreciate what Aerosoft is doing here re-creating an eye candy , framerate friendly, easy to use plane ok? Got the message! I use FSX for my enjoyment on a basic simulator but what bothers me is when I am paying buying a product that is defective and I get no replies from the poeple who sold it to me. This is my System info so hoping to help the Product Team in resolving the flight dynamics issues on landing: FSX with SP1 and SP2 + Acceleration Pack. OS= Vista 64 Bits Video Card 1GB ATI RAdeon 9GB SDDRAM Anything else I have missed here, please let me know and I will inform you. Take care and I hope to hear from someone at Aerosoft soon! Best regards, Frank D.
  3. I've tried it and IT DOESN'T WORK! I am a retired Airbus Pilot and I could land this plane with my eyes c losed this FBW doesn't work on or off with this model, do you understand? The problem is within the FDE and Aerosoft isn't saying anything on what they will do to fix this problem. I have spent $44.00 and not enjoyed one single flight so far as I always end up crashing with or without autopilot. The Best testers at Aerosoft must be all robots or else if they're able to land this product which, in these conditions and FDE, I doubt it. Can I please get some answers from this Retailer as per why this product that I've paid for doesn't work? I'ts a simple hobby for me just to relax and enjoy some basic simulation but...... still........ business is business we didn't get this software for free! Thank you! Frank D.
  4. OK turned off FBW a little better while descending then it turns on its won to the laft and nose starts to climb with a will of his own. Can I kindly get some one to tell me how to avoid this ? Can't land manually or automatically. This is a first for me! Any reply will be greatly appreciated! Frank D.
  5. Hello I wanted to thank all the people that have kindly left their opinion for this post, I will try to turn off the FBW computer and see if it makes a difference. In any case I am surprised, since there's a large number of simmers/customers experiencing problems with this behaviour, that there isn't anything no notes or post "official" from Aerosoft. Where is the Customer Support? Perhaps I am in the wrong forum? Thanks Gentlemen! I will get back to you to let you know if I have solved this problem. Have a great evening/day! Frank D.
  6. Hello, I have been trying to read and wait for an official response from Aerosoft about the problems with the way this bird flies right now preventing, most of the users, to do a manual landing, not to mention an automated one, but no responses until today. All I have read even from Mr.MAthijas is concerns about FPS. Please note that I am not a happy customer, I have spent $44.00 more or less for a product that I cannot use for my enjoyment. Nice in every aspect but I can't land with this! Version 1.0 was way better than this last one and, unfortunately, I have delete it. What is Aerosoft going to do to fix the aerodynamics? Do we have to weait months? As a customer I would appreciate a kind reply. This version 1.20 is un-flyable! I can't land this nice bird it just gets out of control at 400 feet from the ground and wobbles and shakes like anything I ever experienced with FSX. I hope someone from the Support team can shed some light on what actions are being taken to address this problem in a timely fashion. Thank you, Frank D.
  7. Hello I have installed this version and I agree it is un-flyable! I am a retired airline pilot and have flown the Airbus 320 in my career many times I don't want to even bring up what's real and what's not as I appreciate what Aerosoft is trying to do with this product but.......I can't land this nice bird it just gets out of control at 400 feet from the ground and wobbles and shakes like anything I ever experienced with FSX. I have deleted version 1.00 from my HD but if I could go back and choose I would pick version 1 versus version 1.2 I hope the Aerosoft team fixes the flight dynamics asap ...it is very frustrating having such a nice rendition of this aircraft and be un-able to use it! With kindest regards, Frank D.
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