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  1. Hi, I think I have an issue with warning messages on ECAM. "Speed brake still out" appears and disappear suddenly as it pops up (i.e. leaving speed brakes for too long in flight). As well as when I did this such of test: before take-off I moved rudder trim to full left and I pressed TO Config: I get the warning "rudder trim not ..." but it suddenly disappeared.

    All these warnings are almost unreadable as they disappear very quickly from Ecam display


    I have v1.31, Fsx sp2, on Win10.

  2. Hi, during NPA I have the following issue. When I press trk button on FCU and I select the glide angle, I read FPA xx° on PFD - ok it's right. But as I pass through a previous displayed altitude in FCU (ie 3000 ft) the PFD indication changes to ALT●. I need to press for level off and select again the path angle to have back FPA xx°.  Is it a correct behaviour?  Thanks for comments about!



  3. Hi, I'm using CumulusX! in FSX (Sp2), in Win10, with Steve's DX10 fixer.  I have vertical jitters problems in outside view.  In the Help file, a solution is proposed as a DLL package to be downloaded from Authors website: but on this website I cannot find the download link to test the new DLL package.  Can someone help me?

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