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    GF-PRO Yoke

    Purchased recently this Yoke from Simware, and I had got some issues. I use Win10 and P3D v4.4. and I am not able to calibrate it. No matter when I try to do from Printers and Devices (Windows) nor P3D. It works fine when turning right, but when I turn left (imagine, if axis goes from 0 to 255), when reaching 82, it generates an error, disappears from device list, and as it is plug and play, it self installs again, and appears again. And so on. Of course, it freezes my sim in the process. Tried to change sensivity and null zone, but no way. No errors detected, some errors events about DCOM (not sure if it is related). Do you think it is about the keyboard driver? The device itself? Win10? Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas šŸ˜‰
  2. Screenshot is self explanative. I have got installed NL2000 and UTE, and really don't know if it is a compatibility issue. Also noticed a bump when vacating rwy18L to the right and entering rwy24. Any help? Thanks ;-)
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