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  1. Boydel71

    Ifly 747-400

    I've found that the larger airports (Heathrow, Gatwick) do display. If I reset the nav database to the original everything is fine?
  2. Boydel71

    Ifly 747-400

    Incidentally, if I use a Company Route (eg: EGNMEDDK) that appears to work!
  3. Boydel71

    Ifly 747-400

    Good morning. I've just installed NavDataPro and updated the Ifly 747-400. When I try to insert a British airport (ie EGNM) into the CDU I get the message: 'NOT IN DATABASE'! Airports in other countries (USA/Germany) seem fine. I would really appreciate some help. Del
  4. I would appreciate some help please. I purchased this add-on via steam. If I try and start either model manually or buy using MCD2/Aircraft state the engines, in turn, spool up and then cut out. The fuel level halves with the first engine and then empties with the second. I'm using FSX SE on Windows 10. I have purchased a non-steam version of the A318/319 and this works fine. Many Thanks Del
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