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  1. Hi,


    thank you for your kind words!

    The issue you experience looks like a conflicting file to me. Do you notice any other places in your cockpit the lighting does not match with the background of the panel?
    I guess somewhere a pedestal lighting file matching the old cockpit slipped in with your repaint.

    Check the repaints folder to see if there are any pedestal files in there and try to delete them as applicable.

  2. It is not a product at all, you did not pay a single cent to me.

    It is something I developed in my free time which is released as freeware.


    You did not even donate. I do not care whether it does not work for you, I owe you nothing.

    You have no rights to use my project and I'm the last one who will help you getting it to work seeing how you treat me.

    I'll give you an outage from here now.

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  3. 21 hours ago, AviationAficionado said:

    I don't appreciate your implication, but regardless it simply doesn't work. Waste of time and thumbs down. 


    Of the 2903 people who downloaded this paint for 2902 it is running fine, but fine, you have made your mindset and no one will force you to use my textures.
    As I have no intention to fiddle with people who can't even post in a nice tone I am kindly asking you to refrain from posting here now.

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  4. On 12.7.2016 at 3:46 AM, AviationAficionado said:

    Stupid thing doesn't even work.


    Stupid thing works fine unless you're too stupid to install... but don't expect me to help you with the installation if you can't even write useful comments.


    36 minutes ago, Joe Flyer said:

    Tried to reinstall, followed instructions, still with the same result as the above images. Ideas?


    Please do as I asked in my post from the 28th and I'm sure we can fix this. :)


    On 28.6.2016 at 5:59 PM, Emanuel Hagen said:

    Guys for support please post in the Airbus forums and PM me the links to your threads, else I might miss your requests.


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