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  1. then i hope that they make the bus flyable lokking on such hardware problems:blush:
  2. yes my problems are similar to yours i think i should inform saitek about that... but lets get back to the airbus topic befor we're quoted down (this isn't a saitek forum, it's an aerosoft one...)
  3. yes its right... do you have big problems with the trottles? (i have when i want to use less than 25% power and the left lever does exactly tha same as the right (just the one in the middle is working right exept the thing with low power))
  4. Thanks for your reply. Well i've tested the fbw system on the wilcobus again and one thing happend to me where i hope that it is not going to happen in the aerosoft bus: when was trying to land the bus using 135 kt true air speed the autopilot wasn't able to keep the bus on the glideslope. when i switched it off the nose went down and i 've not been able to pull it up manually. in the end the flight ended a few miles befor the runway in the city of hamburg. on the same flight i've tested the fbw a little more exectly and it was not able to maintain the position. it began to sink with about 500 fpm, and i'm sure it would have crashed if i would have not pulled it up again. and another thing about the wilco bus: when i'm using increased simulation speed the flightcomputer suddenly beginns to tell me that i'm flying in the wrong direction and the autoflight turns the aircraft in the wrong direction. (often it makes a 180 degrees turn) i hope that this is not going to happen in your aircraft. and if i'm about saying something about increased simspeed have you tested the bus when using for example 4X speed? and one last thing: i think the fly by wire is the system which is used to maintain the airbus in the position in which i pulled it using the sidestick. isn't that right? when not please tell me! and i have a question: you've sayed that the manual is about 2 pages long, does that mean that there is no checklist included? (i think the list is longer that 2 pages, ore at least it is one page if you just include the importanst things. right?) so what else stands in there? a touturial flight (when even a VERY short version) ore what?
  5. and i've a question about the engines: is it so that you mustn't push the trottles forward to make the bus moving forward on the ground? and how good is that simulated? and a question about the fly by wire: does it behave like the fbw on the wilco bus ore is it much different?
  6. is it possible that we will get the airbus x in the next 3 weeks?
  7. I think we should not only thank Mathijs! we should say thank you to the whole aerosoft company and to all others who make flightsimulation being that what it is!!! Just think about what would be without aerosoft, pmdg, and so on... who is flying the default 747-400 which you can find in the normal fsx? i think no serious flightsimmer is doing that! so lets say thank you to all developers of flightsim add-ons for their great work, which made the flightsimulator x what it is now. and by the way, the pics and videos of the airbus x look really great i can't wait for the release any longer...
  8. hello, can anybody tell me how to update my products (for example the a300)?
  9. I've a question about the autoflight (again): Is the airbus able to fly an open climb ore must i enter the vertical speed manually? And another question: what about the sounds which appear while kanding (100, 50, 40, 30, 20, (retard), 10, 5) are they included in the "not advanced" version of the A320/321?
  10. Which things are left to be done? And how close are we to the last few tests befor the release? And another question: Is it going to be possible to let the AP flying an autoland? (without the danger of landing left ore right of the rumway, even with strong crosswind)
  11. If it says that the systems of the airbus aren't completly simulated, is it going to be possible, to combine the wilco and the aerosoft airbus? (gauges from the wilco bus and graphics of the aerosoft bus, or something like that)? and by the way which systems aren't simulated completly (the flight managemant system and what else?, maybe the autopilot?)
  12. Can anybody send a few pictures of the airbus x when its taking off? from the cockpit and the outside view please! by the way, when the lufthansa livery is already done than with this one pls... thanks!!! :wub:lufthasa airplanes
  13. to bring all those voting discussions to an end, mathjis are you able to delete it from this and all the other forums? I think that is the only solution for this problem... And by the way if i pre-order the airbus now, must i pay the price which is showen on the page of the airbus x ore must i pay 30 euro? ore how expensive is it going to be? and the most important thing: are there any new news on the realese date (i just want to know if it realeses at the beginning of the month, in the missle ore in the end, ore maybe even in april?) seeing the videos made me even more interested in that airbus X..................................i'm sure i'll buy it on realese date (at least i hope that i'll do so).............
  14. Thanks, now it works. I don't know why, but before yours i have not been able to use those links. (of cause i've seen the download button, but if i used it my computer always told me that the requested url dosn't exist don't know why...)
  15. Well I've seen the links but if i want to open them my computer says that the url requested dosn't exist so what could i do to have the vids?
  16. is the release really going to be tomarrow (like it's said on the produkt page) or when is it?
  17. an other question: is the terrain on ND switch going to be functional? or is it just for a good look there?
  18. Is there already a video out of this airbus or not? I can't find one, but a few persons are talking about it, so where can i find it? Youtube, Myvideo or where?
  19. it's not my home airport, but i'm flying for a va which has it's base in munich so i hope that we will get a good version of this airport soon!!! It's getting boring to land always on a normal FSX airport
  20. looks great so what is going to be done until the final release of this bus?
  21. i think those who are wondering where the yokes in the a320 are and those who are posting that question in a boeing forum XD
  22. when will that vid come? maybe in this week? i hope so because i really want to see what this bird can do and what we can look forward to...
  23. I love flying to Innsbruck even with the normal FSX but with this scenery it will be the GREATEST approach I've ever flowen the final must be wonderful (if anybody can tell me a *better* approach than please do it) I hope that it will come out soon.
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