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  1. Could someone make a new Delta Airlines A320 repaint for the A320 professional? (I know there's one for the Airbus X, but it doesn't display properly for the A320 professional for me.)
  2. It was not installed in my OneDrive folder. Somehow it started working normally again. The tip for the missing files is helpful, but I'm still not sure why they were missing.
  3. Hi, When I load the A319 or A320/A321 in P3Dv4, I get a crash to desktop. P3Dv4 doesn't even start loading the aircraft, just a black screen and a crash. I can load default aircraft without problems. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of P3Dv4 Aerosoft A319/A320 with the latest downloaded installers, still the same problem. I installed Aerosoft A320 with AVG antivirus disabled. I run P3Dv4 as administrator on Windows 10. I've been running Aerosoft A320 professional in P3Dv4 for months. The crash started happening after I installed new_york_airports_x_v2_demo_366986. It still crashes after removing it. The addons I have installed are Aerosoft A319 and A320 FSUIPC (reinstalled with latest installer) ActiveSky 4 vPilot vUAL ACARS Delta VA ACARS Here is a screenshot of the scenario I'm trying to load. Here is a screenshot of my addons: I attached my ContentErrors.txt. ContentErrors.txt
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