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  1. tottaly agree, flood light would be very nice feature especialy in before flight preparations at the gates.
  2. Yep thats the answer, MCDU "understands" only kg data. No other option, yet.
  3. No, im looking normal payload model for FSpassengers X ( http://fspassengers.com/?action=download&cat=Payload+Model&sort=Date&page=&search=&searchtype=Title&download=submit ), i tryied different models, but with them my CG after fuel and pax load goes to the hell, like "-15" or so. Or i fueling only wing fueltanks, after "start flight" im getting fuel, somehow, in centertank too.
  4. Does anybody have normal payload models for A320/321? Every "A320 payload" I tryied to use for fueling in fspassengers X before works like, sorry, shit :\
  5. shoke

    Airbus X

    Cant find where i can download additional liveries for that bird, any clue? :-\
  6. What about "Wizz Air"? I think its on of the most "cheerful" liverey in Europe. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Wizz-Air/Airbus-A320-232/1556477/L/&sid=d9c059ac5bf453fb7c56ce3724ba38de
  7. Same here. Not "killed" but i'll think much more then twice before purchasing.
  8. Looks very-very nice. Does the "end of feb" still in plans? Could we see a little more VC shots - FCU, overhead, overwiev from captains seat? Thank you forwardly.
  9. Aeroflot Iberia S7 Airlines SWISS International Airlines Lufthansa jetBlue Vueling Wizz Air
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