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  1. Could someone make a repaint of the 9H-NEO or 9H-NEB Air Malta textures? These two are from the new fleet with sharklets
  2. Yes, I'm using P3Dv4.5. Just solved that issue. Turns out it was a long filename. Abbreviated it and the cockpit is now in its proper colour. There is however one issue that has popped out... literally: I keep getting a coffee, a smartphone and newspaper constantly popping out of nothing and disappearing and re-popping etc. endlessly on what appears to be the tray area (if it were to be extended out). Any idea what that might be related to? Also, the overhead panel still turns black after a few minutes...
  3. Thanks for the support. If the problem lies completely with the livery then it is an issue that needs to be dealt with by Fly UK...
  4. Just tried as you suggested and deleted the Shaders folder but no luck. Just to let you know, I am experiencing this only on the model using the Fly UK livery
  5. I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this, but I have just bought these two products and I am getting this very dark cockpit as in the screenshot. Also, most of the buttons do not light up or move but do seem to be working. Can anyone explain what is going on?
  6. As the title says, this is a bit strange in my opinion. I have downloaded Easyjet liveries from this website for the A320 Professional. The liveries installed without problems and the aircraft loads and all bells and whistles.... except for one thing: buttons. The buttons in the overhead panel when using the repainted A320 just don't light up. They work yes but don't light up to show "on" or whatever other status. Am I missing something? I have tried switching to stock A320 liveries to see if the problem is uniform throughout but everything seems fine with stock repaints. I exhaustively compared the aircraft.cfg entries to check and see that everything is in place and yep... no apparent problems there either. Again, this is strange. It's as if the repaints themselves are the problem. Am I missing something?
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