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  1. +1 for the A220 (CS300) Registered specifically to say that... I would buy this at any price. It's beautiful, got great potential if provided with fully functioning HUD, FMS and systems, even more... if it's got a weather radar... man, I'm sure that alone would get many people to buy it... plus it's getting in real world airlines very fast... We already have 737, 757, 747, 777, 787, E175, E195, A320, A350. That right here, is totally missing from P3D and XPlane markets, and it's a major player in the upcoming years in airlines. There's 57 A220 operating and 537 orders until today, and that's only 5 years after its first flight. The Embraer E-Jets had a combined 1400 orders since 2002. You can see the potential of this in real world and sim. Aerosoft would be smart to get on this before anyone else, because someone WILL do it sooner or later.. I'd rather have aerosoft rather than low quality or shady devs
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