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  1. yep nav not working at all well this is about useless yes 4.4 still. if 4.5 was required it should say so. im sorry i think im done with aerosoft
  2. yep nav not working at all well this is about useless maybe i'll try again in another year.
  3. well i rebooted and did another flight and it behaved normally.. these managed speed / vnav problems have been sporadic anyway so who knows.
  4. negative. is rebooting standard for aerosofts? if so maybe the updater should force/suggest rebooting
  5. well, this is new.. at cruise right now fl370, managed speed should be .77 autopilot switches to speed (250 kts), decelerates to 250, switches back to mach (.77), reaches .77 and goes to speed 250 again, repeat forever.
  6. again, i landed at klas yesterday, with the new experimental version.. all the way to the gate and shutdown, no printout with the landing rate, etc. fms did not clear.
  7. no i have checklist and all that turned off up until that last flight the fms resets automatically every time and i would get a printout of the landing, etc.
  8. ok, so another question. why doesn't the fms clear out after i land and stop and shutdown? the last flight i did this morning i'm sitting there parked with engines off and the missed approach is still showing after 5 minutes.
  9. i just had this happen yesterday leaving kpsp... couldnt manually put psp or pmd vor's in the fpl work around was loading the exported route from simbrief
  10. i shut down engines and leave apu running before saving. is that not good enough?
  11. yeah worked fine for several flights then just stopped. i do save p3d scenario at end of a flight, and load that scenario at a later time to continue.. could that be related?
  12. If I'm not mistaken, the ecam system pages should basically switch on their own to the most important page.. example, when you begin engine start, it shows the engine page. move control surfaces the controls page shows. once airborne, it goes to the cruise page, on landing it shows wheel, starting apu, it shows the apu page. etc. etc. well my aircraft stopped doing it. it will stay on doors page, i wont get the takeoff checklist on the ecam either. once airborne, it does switch to cruise page.. and i think its fine until shutdown.
  13. my misake, my installed version is
  14. yes had rebooted right before the flight in question. installed it yesterday iirc fwiw, the slats indication fixed itself somewhere along the way, was back to normal by the time i got to kord
  15. slats position is glitched out and whats with my fuel used. a320 iae i swear every update breaks more things than it fixes.
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