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  1. Yes...three of us have the Aerosoft DHC-6 and we each see the other with the tail in the tarmac and the nose in the air. We see our own aircraft sitting straight and level.
  2. I fly online with my trusty DHC-6. Love the plane, both the model and in reality. But when I'm online, other pilots see the DHC-6 with it's tail firmly embedded in the runway/taxiway and it's nose high in the air. A very embarrassing way to taxi. It doesn't matter if I'm on Vatsim, or a private server, connected via FSInn/FSCopilot or FSHost. Always the same result. I see my plane sitting properly on the ground but everybody else see the plane as I've outlined above. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks guys! Very helpful. In the meantime I'll switch tanks and I've gone into the aircraft.cfg file under [Autopilot] and changed the 0 to a 1. Now I can hit CTRL H and it will level out and fly in the direction I've pointed it. Great for prairie flying but not so much for mountains.
  4. Just purchased the Bush Hawk. Love the plane....but it continually rolls left. Tried using CTRL+NUM PAD 6 to straighten it out. Works temporarily and then rolls back to the left. This is the only plane in my hanger that I've seen this problem on. Any idea on what I can tweak to make it fly level. thx
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