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  1. I have installed the new release uninstalling the old but the Updater says "Installed version:" and invites me to download the new release. How can I solve this problem? I'm on P3D5 and made a regular Uninstall from Windows before installing the Thanks for any help
  2. I use P3D5.1 and I have done all the step of this topic and the Thrustmaster calibration procedure but throttles don't go idle. They remain at Climb detent or directly to Reverse and it's not possible to calibrate throttles using Direct Input. Where is the problem?
  3. My configurator doesn't have the Thrustmaster TCA options. I have P3D5.1 and Airbus Family V1401.
  4. ok . Found the updater and updating now. Hope it works. Thanks so much 🙂
  5. I have assigned the buttons to the hotas functions but the main problem, I guess, is that I don't have TCA options in the configurator. Where is the AS updater tool?
  6. I have purchased AS_A320-A321-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV5_V1401 Family bundle but in the Airbus Configurator I don't have any "Thrustmaster TCA option". Although made settings in P3d5 options TCA Quadrant buttons and switches don't work. Thanks for help. Gennaro Delcuratolo
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