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  1. If you read a few pages back, Mathijs has already confirmed it will be out this year (2019)
  2. I figured it out! In the options MCDU, the "ACFT STATE" is set to always load on turn around state. I changed it to the "READY FOR TAKEOFF" state and set it to always load on that state. Thanks for your help!
  3. I'm using P3Dv4.5, and I bought P3D like a month ago, on version 4.5. The Airbus pro is installed in the directory you mentioned. Still loading with the engines shut down, all doors open, and I am unable to click on anything.
  4. I have that version. Do you know what directory I have to install to?
  5. Hello. Last month, I bought the Aerosoft A318 and A319 professional for P3Dv4.5. I haven't been able to get it work properly though. I don't know if I'm installing it wrong or whatever but whenever I load it the doors are open, the engines are off, the ground power is connected, and I can't click on anything. I've tried re installing 3 times and the issue persists. The A320/A321 professional works fine, but after I exit scenario from the A318/A319 plane, the preview plane has the ground power connected with wheel chocks and the doors open. All A320 pro variants are doing this. The other planes are fine though
  6. Hello. Let me just begin by saying I didn't know what forum to put this topic in, and if it's in the wrong forum, I apologize. Anyway, I downloaded some liveries from and I attempted to install them in the livery manager, and I was able to install them, but what concerns me that they are not installed is that there is no thumbnail on the preview. The downloaded files have a thumbnail.jpg and a thumbnail.png in them. And installing manually doesn't work either. I would just like to know has anyone else experienced this with liveries? Your help is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hey Holgi! Could you make a fictional Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A321 IAE with sharklets for FSX?

  8. Hi. I have a question. I was planning on downloading the Aerosoft Airbus X IAE sound enhancement, but I noticed it was no longer on media fire. Did you guys move it somewhere else or did media fire just drop it?
  9. Thanks. I'll try a different browser come Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Seriously. I know I bought it from your website. Why does it keep getting forbidden? Can I get a refund?
  11. I got the download link from the instant downloads page on the Aerosoft website.
  12. I purchased it from the Aerosoft website! I know I did!
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