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  1. Hi Bob, and any pending update for the A330? Thanks.
  2. Hi Rolf, any info about this update? Thanks. Miquel.
  3. I have had this issue for months or maybe for a year (Only IAE engines)., . In fact I don´t fly the A320 buses....but I love the A330. My favourite ac of simulation. Best. Miquel.
  4. Hi team, any chance of release this weekend? Thanks.
  5. Hi , this happened to me with a clean installation. In my case I had to install the "oficial update" first and then the experimental. Problem solved. Maybe can help. Best. Miquel.
  6. Great. happy Christmas to you and all the team. Miquel.
  7. Hi Mathijs, I am very happy with the A330 , which is the only plane i fly in P3D ,but can we expect any update , stable or experimental of the Buses before Christmas? Thanks in advance. Miquel.
  8. Hi Mathijs, do these plans include the P3D v4.5 experimental update? Thanks. Miquel
  9. Hi Mathijs, can we expect the new patch (A330) this week? Thanks. Miquel.
  10. Hi Mathijs, is the A330 update you commented last week close? Thanks. Miquel.
  11. Maybe you are right, but i fly 6-7 times a month to Palma, Madrid and Málaga from Barcelona. Flight was usually full, 3 versions IAE, CFM and NEO. Not big differences . i takes about 40 sec to take-off to sall models. Hi, show you a video from my mobile. This is the A320 IAE...this footage is mine. Best https://photos.app.goo.gl/zat5mbSH6ca1BWCW6
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