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  1. i just checked the files in "C:\Users\GUILHE~1\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-crj\Data" into the Readme, it does not show the 1.0.5, it shows as least update the, ai think that the MP did not really updated the plane, i'll reinstall the plane (again) '-'
  2. that's the point, i already reinstalled the plane to make sure it wasn't any update install issue... but the problem, at least for me, still maybe its a problem with the sim... or the version downloaded from the MP... idk, i just gave up
  3. Maybe the marketplace has some bug in the files that is getting downloaded...
  4. Well... or the problem is not solved 100% as you guys think... or there is something wrong with the product downloaded throught Marketplace! Having this in mind, would be great having a review from Aerosoft on the files that Microsoft provides inside the sim, because something is very very wrong
  5. But KIAD to KFLL is flying to south, the issue usually happens flying north...
  6. And what about the zig zags? i still have it
  7. i installed the new update to test, i reinstalled the aircraft. The bug in these situations, usually with more than 50kts of crosswinds flying straight north, the plane sometimes goes off the route making a zig zag. The last pics i sent in this topic was just after the update, (i think there´s no way of instaling wrong with the Marketplace but just to make sure i reinstalled the plane from zero) but the problem remain. Flying from LFMN to EDLP it still very zig zaggy, but i did a flight from LFMN to LFPG and i experienced this issue not constant during the flight (of course, i'm not talking about the turns, but straight legs!!!). And i did experienced issues with the FD. I already tested this being with the plane heavy and only with fuel for the route... various cruise levels... the problem remains! But i noticed that it only happens when i'm stablished in cruise, if i'm climbing it does not happen! I hope it can help you guys to solve this annoying issue.
  8. Thx for the reply, but, for me its not very clear about the zig zag line when the plane should be flying straight. Is this not possible to solve? or the devs are working on it? i ask because it is a bot anoying when you buy a plane and cant do your flight because of some problem like this... i understand that developing something is very very hard, but this problem of zig zag happens in any flight that i'm flying from south to north and, in long straight legs, it happens a lot of zig zags please help us at about 2 weeks since i bought the CRJ, i couldnt do a flight without some issue
  9. Oh, i have the FPL here, i'll sent here the archive (is a flight from LFMN to EDLP. So, i took off with ZFW = 43tones and 10.1tones of fuel. FL350 LFMNEDLP (1).flp
  10. oh god, i'll need to remake the flight, but i dont have any app to show my route
  12. Please fix this if regret kills, i must be 1000000 km under the ground
  13. i just did this and it works! thx, i will buy you a coffe
  14. i tried the same, i have the X52 as well, did not worked for me
  15. tomorrow is the big CRJ Update from Marketplace? or from Aerosoft itself?
  16. hey, i made a DIY MCP, but i cant set the correct comands (via fsuipc) for the CRJ, any one knows the comands?
  17. Well... not sure, my 10700k stays at 12 to 25%... something interesting is that the vram gets about 7700mb... but i don’t think its the case.
  18. Yah i thought that the CRJ has been made entirely by aerosoft and has one "compiled version"... at the FBW A32NX, it has the MOD and the compiled codes from Asobo... I guess that this is it the difference... right? I hope i get this plane flying in my SIM before the year ends haha
  19. Oooh ok... my fear is the optimisation. as the FBW mod (CURRENTLY) when i look forward the fps drop is huge(comparing the FBW to the default, the fbw is about 40fps and the default is about 60 at KATL) and my 3070 gets about only 60% at the FBW mod (1080p ultra/high settings). So i'm wondering if the CRJ will be this way... or the systems will be optimised.
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