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  1. Okay, so I EXACTLY the same issue in the 321 as well and have the following conditions verified: 1. NO axis is assigned to the speed brake 2. The speed brake handle is fully stowed, etc. 3. NO key assignments exist that are overriding any spoiler action. I've removed all of them, tested, restored them to defaults, etc. No matter what, as soon as the aircraft (a321 in this instance) takes off I have the "F/CTL SPD BRK STILL OUT" The behavior is definitely glitched. If I do assign an action to the speed brakes (an axis or a keypress to retract them)
  2. sddjd

    Excessive Fuel use

    Further the to fuel prediction issues, I also am seeing drastic shortfalls in range. On flights btw Orly and Reunion I'm running dry around 1200nm short of the destination (both directions). This weekend went as far as performing the flights with max fuel and zero pax/cargo, same result (ff approx 5.5k). I've also had the fuel planner throw some very odd values at me (ie 42k lbs for Honlolulu > Tokyo). Oddly, the fuel prediction stayed consistent on the Reunion run at around -1.4k (lbs) the whole flight, even after I became an imitation of Transat 236, lol. Will post
  3. Update- success, though still somewhat a mystery. I copied my /texture and /effects folders out to a temporary location. I confirmed I was on the latest release/hotfix, but re-downloaded and reinstalled the client and content components. I ran a file comparison between the two and, aside from the additions placed there by add-ons, I could not see any differences in the stock files (size, date, etc), so unfortunately couldn't identify a culprit. I've run through my various add-on aircraft and scenery and see nothing amiss. So, simple answer was reinstalling the client and content;
  4. Hi Mathijs, I'll continue digging and post if I can find a solution (ie if files were changed, and which ones they were) for reference in the future.
  5. Update, after deleting the shaders folder I now see strobe reflections on the ground, but nothing on the aircraft itself.
  6. Hello, I am seeing an issue common to both my 319/20/21 and now the 330 Pro, that being I have no visible strobes on any of the planes. My 319 and 320/1 also display no nav lights (all switches are correctly set). I installed the 330 in D:/Aerosoft (outside of my p3d folder), and I see all the expected folders within, including the effects folder referenced in the xml file. It does contain a strobe fx file among all the others. I do see wing, logo, and landing lights on the 330. No shaders are used, no camera/chase add one, etc. Just looking for potential trou
  7. Before I go through removal/reinstall can you clarify "There is never any need to adjust the cameras for the aircraft"? Is that to say that pan/tilt/zoom is intended to be disabled in the external views (wing, engine, etc)?
  8. Subject says it all. I've combed through the aircraft.cfg and reset every xyzadjust = FALSE to "true". STILL cannot pan or zoom the external views using the hat switch, etc. While I cannot possibly grasp why this was thought to be a good idea, is there another setting in the 'bus configurations that is locking these views in place? Note- this is not a p3d problem, it's unique to the Airbus Prof product. Thanks to anyone who can help! I'm a fan of being able to tweak my external/wing views in-sim.
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