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  1. Before I go through removal/reinstall can you clarify "There is never any need to adjust the cameras for the aircraft"? Is that to say that pan/tilt/zoom is intended to be disabled in the external views (wing, engine, etc)?
  2. Subject says it all. I've combed through the aircraft.cfg and reset every xyzadjust = FALSE to "true". STILL cannot pan or zoom the external views using the hat switch, etc. While I cannot possibly grasp why this was thought to be a good idea, is there another setting in the 'bus configurations that is locking these views in place? Note- this is not a p3d problem, it's unique to the Airbus Prof product. Thanks to anyone who can help! I'm a fan of being able to tweak my external/wing views in-sim.
  3. Thanks all, I finally gave in and removed, then reinstalled both products in full (319, 320/21) on my system. Resolved the TOD issue for me. However, a new one is now locked differential brakes (I created another post so this one is resolved). Thanks!
  4. So, having reinstalled everything to rid myself of the TOD issue I was having (seemingly something went awry during my update), I'm now having issues with my brakes. Landed normally at VTSP (normally, aside from two CTD's on final....). Used reverse thrust, no autobraking, was gentle with the wheel brakes. Halfway down the taxiway suddenly "DIFFERENTIAL BRAKES" appeared at lower left and my 321 ground to a halt. I do not: Use rudder pedals Have any key assignments mapped to left/right brakes Use the brakes hard on landing (ie not locked up) No axis is assigned to braking- I have a button mapped to "." at a medium repeat rate only I'm fairly frustrated right now as I've flown this plane many times since release and have only just gotten it onto a runway to find this latest issue on my sim..... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ver a321 prof, v4.3. Pretty much all flights go as expected until TOD which is passed by without the FMS configured pause. I've restarted, reconfirmed, endlessly. 'Bus doesn't seem to respect this setting.Thanks!
  6. This occurred for me as well, cfm -19, right after setting the barometer after passing below 10k. Sorry can't be more specific, was a few days ago.
  7. Hi Mathijs, I have buttons mapped to my controls for "next view in current category", etc. When I cycle from, for example, VC to one of the other interior views and back to VC the tilt/pan adjustment I had made is not persistent (the VC goes back to the default tilt). I'm perfectly fine with editing my own cfg files to add the capability, just wondered if there was a built-in option for this setting; not looking to request a product change just for my personal preference Thanks!
  8. Learning my way through the product and am finding that I need to readjust my VC (and other views) every time I switch internal cockpit views. Quite frustrating but I am convinced I'm missing something (with me it's user error more often than not ). Is there a quick setting to allow me to adjust position/tilt, etc once per aircraft-load? Further, on other views (wing views) I cannot pan/tilt. Same question. Thx!
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