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  1. JET, I think that the LAN A318 has PW engines, when the Aerosoft A318 has CFM engines, correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. I think that LAN Argentina hasn't got any A319, LAN Express, LAN Peru and Lan Ecuador has, but the repaints are essentially the same. http://www.airfleets.es/flottecie/LAN%20Argentina.htm LAN Ecuador A319-132 http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=385066&size=l LAN Express/Airlines A319-132 http://www.airliners.net/photo/LAN-Airlines/Airbus-A319-132/2500723/L/&sid=01d3a7c3c197144df8b622a58ac3608e
  3. Hi!. I want to say my ideas. 1). Professional and Standard edition, What does it mean? For me, a Standard edition is for "playing" , and the PRO edition is for "flying". So... In Standard Version: a). Common Aircraft's like FSX. . Normal scenery c). Normal flight system d). Normal Interface In PRO Version: a). NO Aircrafts! only just one or two good designed. . A professional weather engine. Not like FSX or FS9. Real Turbulence, predictable forecast (like where is going to rain, or accurate wind-shear simulation). METAR interpretation and random weather generation . Easy-to-develop system so other 3th party companies can make their own weather system (like REX), or making accurate and realist weather radars. c). A professional flight dynamics. So the aircraft responds like in the real world. d). FSUIPC compatibility. e). Real airport environment. f). It's not needed a complex scenery database, because anyway we are going to buy other better scenery's. g). An updated NavDatabase. h). Professional development tools. i). A good Flight Planner. j). Your own VATSIM and IVAO connection system.
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