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  1. Well Mathijs save your resources and skip the A32x series, the FBW version will be a fully independent product from the Asobo model, is free, and will quite frankly end up being more study level than your products. It is already available and will be at this advanced state well before you release a product. Please focus on the A330, an A330neo would be nice.
  2. Thanks for the preview, looks great. Please, please, please, Bitte, Bitte, Bitte, S'il vous plait, S'il vous plait, S'il vous plait make this for FS9
  3. Mathijs, I am very excited & hopeful regarding your initial steps towards a new simulator. If the quality objectives you are aiming for match those of you & your partner developer’s current product range then we will all benefit from something great. Lots of people have been sending in a never ending wish list of specific functionality they'd like. I have just one wish although it is all encompassing and is more of a ground up design philosophy rather than specifics. Aside from the 'of the shelf / out of the box' sales of MSFS that people buy for their kids/husbands I think one of the elements that made MSFS so successful over the long haul was the fact that it was a relatively open platform allowing further enhancement & add-ons by other commercial developers and more importantly the enormous community of freeware developers who have spent countless hours contributing to our hobby. By all means break loose of any backward compatibility, go for a design that takes advantage of current day technologies, but please try and design with an open architecture in mind. You can employ the best team of developers to create this product but its true longevity & success lies with the army of thousands of developers, tinkerers & tweakers who can build upon it. Let’s face it, it is this dedicated enthusiast market upon which Aersosoft owes its success. All the best. Regards, Rod a.k.a CaptVirtual
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