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  1. How can u run airplane thats made for P3D 4.5 HF2 on old verison of P3D without problems?. Pls update ur P3D.
  2. Whell to be honest I do not know.My at the moment is starting at ready to taxi condition. I would suggest to see if ur EFB is working and not crashing sim.Few of us have that problem
  3. can u make sure? https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=131986
  4. Do u have latest P3D installation P3D 4.5 HF2?
  5. Do u have same results as before? So cockpit is dark? Did u try turn on battery?
  6. Whats ur default airplanes in P3D? I mean when u start P3D? What state is the cockpit?
  7. Whats ur default airplanes in P3D? I mean when u start P3D? What state is the cockpit? Can u go to C:\Program Files (x86)\aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional and open addon.xml and past it here?
  8. Cant help u without installed product. Pls install it and file is located at C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 add-on.cfg Paste the information from it here as well where ur AS330 is installed.
  9. Hey.Can u show me ur addon.xml file and write location where ur airbus is installed?Whole path?
  10. mirage9


    Small upd. Seems like P3D will crash anytime if u are using EFB to offten. Both pages (DOC and EFB) are not so important to fly so I would wait for AEROSOFT to figure out issue. Im still in testing and P3D- recently crashed with same file libcef.dll. but i was able to play with EFB for 2 minutes Seems like EFB will crash after some time if u play with it so we need to wait for AS solution. I found the solution. For anybody that sim crashes when u press something on EFB 1.Go to ur P3D installation then to Aerosoft A330 Professional\SupportFiles. Try install VC_redist.x64 and If installer ask you to repair please do it. 2. In ur P3D folder go to \WebSimBrowser\CEF4FSXP3DXP.67\64 Copy all files (not folders!!!) to \WebSimBrowser\2.1\64 and pasti it. If u need to replace old files. Try to run WebsimProcess.exe If nothing happend You are good. Restart Ur computer and then start the P3D. Check results with A330. It works for me. Thanks Tomas.
  11. mirage9


    My As 330 works but as soon i hit EFB or DOCS on side tablet P3D crashed. P3D 4.5 Hf2 Nazwa aplikacji powodującej błąd: Prepar3D.exe, wersja:, sygnatura czasowa: 0x5d8abf93 Nazwa modułu powodującego błąd: libcef.dll, wersja: 3.3396.1779.0, sygnatura czasowa: 0x5afb59f3 Kod wyjątku: 0xc0000005 Przesunięcie błędu: 0x00000000000ea9ef Identyfikator procesu powodującego błąd: 0x2448 Godzina uruchomienia aplikacji powodującej błąd: 0x01d5aebfb335b7ec Ścieżka aplikacji powodującej błąd: E:\Prepar3D.exe Ścieżka modułu powodującego błąd: E:\WebSimBrowser\CEF4FSXP3DXP.67\64\libcef.dll Identyfikator raportu: f0f1c9ea-fbfb-4cda-be89-015eee997adc Pełna nazwa pakietu powodującego błąd: Identyfikator aplikacji względem pakietu powodującego błąd:
  12. So please check that You are using P3D 4.2 version.I had a same issue and it was some kind of P3D update problem. Pls start flight with any aircraft.Open menu with ALT key and select HELP--->About Lockheed Martin Prepar3d. Window thats popup will say what version of P3D u are using.Im sure its 4.1
  13. So problem Solved.I have to uninstall P3dV4 and install P3Dv4.2 Somehow my files wasnt updated from full installer from LH website so I decide to uninstall client and install client v4.2 CRJ works perfect.
  14. Dear As Team.My advice is to create one thread for this issue beacause it looks like there is more and more post with same issue. So i installed 1.0.6 and its looks like it dosent change too much.Some switches start working as battery master etc but still PFD are blacks,Dave is not working but showing options,no sounds for switches,engines are runing and u cant turned off them. Second thread : Third one:
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