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  1. Thanks Oliver for the quick respons. Geert
  2. Is there a chance that those airports will be part of AES????? The old ones did. Thanks Geert
  3. I really would like to have a GOOD afcad for MEGA Amsterdam.Not one who gives me departures from the 06!!! anyone had one? Thanks on advance Geert Burgstra
  4. Can I use AES for cargo planes??? Thanks on advance Geert
  5. Hi all, I sure would like to have a GOOD afcad file for FSX EHAM that will NOT place Aircrafts at places were they DONT belong. Example: At the S apron for Cargo a/c I see 737 /a320 and so on.They dont belong there. Anyone have a good one??? Thanks on advance Geert
  6. He Matthijs, Duik of laat eens duiken in onbeantwoorde topics.Staat zo slordig voor een leading 1 in the addon world. Er zijn er die al meer als een half jaar op antwoorden wachten. Alvast bedankt. Geert Burgstra
  7. Hi Guys from AES, Could you be so nice to give this member a answer to his questen??????Selling is one thing but supporting is much more important then the way you handle this questen. Its a small thing to let the world off flying know how you think of aftersale.!!!!!So get you ass from the chair and solved this matter. Geert Burgstra
  8. Thanks all for the quick respons solved the problem with the update from TSIM Geert
  9. Hi all, Dont know why but AES2.07 does not recoqnise TSIM-TNCCx or at least he telkls me that the scenery has not installed in FS9 but its there and working only not to AES 2.07? Anyone any idea??? Thanks sofar Geert Burgstra
  10. Hi freak, Thats what I figerd out yet,heheheh I use MT so I have to activate it with the traffic.exe in FSX Eham adn then I see the static planes. Regards
  11. Hi All, Just installed EHAM FSX but cant see any static planes.Did I something wrong?? Thanks on advance
  12. Sorry had to be more specific.The LvLD767. I could try to disable the fleetservice,heheheh Thanks
  13. Hi all, I notest on the blocks at heathtrow that some services were mixtup {maybe from Heathrow extreme?}and AES did NOT recognised the right front service door??? Thanks on advance
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