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  1. Wow that's good to know, many thanks!
  2. Thanks Piper pilot! Thats a shame, its a bit worrying to be rolling over the holding point whilst awaiting clearance! I am learning to fly in a PA 28 also, hopefully will have my PPL in the next few months!
  3. Hi, I have noticed with the wheel brakes on, the plane still slowly crawls forward (throttles are at idle). Is this a known issue? Many thanks! Outrun74
  4. Hi, I was wondering what frame rates other FSX users aim for. I know it runs differently on various systems, with multipe factors that effect performance. My system is a Phenom quad x4 3.2, 4gb ram + Nvidia GTX 260. I run all kinds of add on planes & scenery (with AI traffic!), and depending on where I am flying I get on average between 20 - 30 FPS. I find 20FPS as "flyable" but anything below that and it shows.
  5. Thanks Oliver, I tried a couple of circuits last night with autogen on "sparse" and the problem did not happen! I will do more tests tonight . I would never have thought it would be related with this setting, I have always prefered autogen off (my vfr photo scenery disables this on install) FSX has some strange quirks!
  6. Hi Shaun, It has happened to me a couple of times on touch and go's with the F16 for runway 09. It happened every time yesterday after taking off in the Wilco a320, when I come back the lights and runway texture have disappeared on runway 27.. I am going to try a few more tests tonight to try and isolate the cause. Kind regards, Outrun74
  7. Hi, this is the only add on airport I have purchased that does it(i have heathrow extreme, uk airports, flytampa, cote dazur, etc) My system is a phenom quadcore 3.2ghz, NVIDIA GTX 260 with latest drivers, 4gb ram and I dont think its under particularly heavy loads as this is no AI traffic in the area. Just before they disappear, black boxes appear around the lights... As much as I like this airport, If I cant get the PAPI lights working, this airport is useless to me (particularly as Gibraltar does have ILS!) I have tried: 1.Disabling the road traffic does not solve it 2.Tried the highmemfix - issue persists Is there anything else I can try? Can I copy over using the default FSX PAPI lights or something? Thanks, Outrun 74
  8. Hi, I have been using Gibraltar X for a month or so, I notice when I fly the Aerosoft F16 or Wilco Airbus, sometimes the papi lights disappear. It also seems like the runway texture disappears also. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Outrun74
  9. it seems as though it was me being a bit heavy on the landings that sometimes causes this! I could not understand why the elevators were always getting stuck! Happy circuits! Thanks!
  10. Hi, Thanks for the reply! I am flying the one with the tiger on the tail, it has some items but not fully loaded. The second explanation sounds more likely, I think it only happens on a heavy landing so I will do some more testing!
  11. Hi, I am practising touch and go's in the Aerosoft f16 but having an intermittent problem. When the wheels touch down, I close the speedbrake again and go back to full power. As soon as I hit 150 knots I try to rotate but am unable to, its as if the elevators are locked? When I check the external view, the control surfaces do not appear to be moving... They will suddenly be released (when its too late and I end up climbing at a high angle of attack and going into an uncontrollable stall!) Am I missing something here? Thanks, Outrun74
  12. Hi Shaun, THanks for the reply, but I had seen this article. The default FSX GPWS does work if I follow the article provided. I wondered what the official word is on this, does the F16 actually have voice GPWS alerts? Aerosoft appear to have disabled it, but Iris have released a bitchin betty so wanted to be sure... Many thanks!
  13. Hi, I have the Aerosoft F16 and love it! The only problem I have is I cannot seem to get any GPWS alerts. I do not recieve any alerts for over g, altitude etc... I have also purchased the IRIS sound pack which seems to include voice alerts, but I still do not hear any? The other sounds work great however. (I do receive GPWS voice alerts in the default 747) and can toggle this on / off with my defined key) but this does not seem to apply to the F16. Any help much appreciated! Kind regards, Outrun74
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