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  1. 1. I did not replace the file AP1DISP that contains the locgic for disconnect of autopilot. 2. DEMO VIDEO: 3. Check Your joystick sensitivity settings. Try decreasing sensitivity by one if its too sensitive. 4. Did not make any AP related changes from 8c3 to the current ver. You can check my changelog. Thanks for feedback Regards Joshua Che.
  2. You can try my alternative to aerosoft FBW here: http://forum.aerosof...osoft-fbw-v08d/ It's made specially for users who turn off the SEC 2 or any kind of other problem with the FBW. Regards, Joshua Che.
  3. You can try my alternative to aerosoft FBW here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/46910-my-alternative-to-aerosoft-fbw-v08d/ About the overshooting problem, I agree with Piper Pilot about landing at LCY if you are trying to land there. Regards, Joshua Che.
  4. Sorry I took so long to reply to this. My FBW is very sensitive to stick movements. I tried what you said and had no moving on heading and pitch. If you say vertical speed, the FBW holds PITCH as in real life but does not hold v/s. If the airbus is not stablised after neutral, chances are your joystick do not have enough null zone. EDIT: I think i will tighten auto-trim & bank angle holder so that it will hold pitch and bank better. As always, thanks for feedback. Regards, Joshua Che.
  5. Guys, I am announcing a temporary suspension on the FBW. The files will still be avaliable to download. I am having Increased amounts of workload (homework, tests) that I realised I do not have enough time to commit to the continuation of the FBW. I will come here often and try to resolve outstanding bugs but for now, it is indefinitely halted. I will probably pick up C++ programing during the suspension and after that reconsider adding more feaures to this otherwise simple FBW.I thank you for your continuous support till this far. Regards, Joshua Che.
  6. The Airbus X FBW uses FSX default code FBW. I switched it off so that I can custom code my FBW and "replace" the default FBW code. Regards, Joshua Che.
  7. YAY! I am back! I will reply to the issue all users pointed above. 1. The FLTCRTL buttons cant be switched on/off. This is a limitations as the variables that are triggered are attached to the models (can't be changed). Hence, I cant do anything about it. I will see if there is an work around for full intergration. 2. FBW holds pitch regardless of FPM except when stall etc. The real airbus have this. it does not compensate for FPM but compensate for GLoad. Hence it does not adjust the FPM when making changes. The way to fly airbus it is to make quick, small inputs. 3. Restore Backup. I planned to do this but i have a lot of tuning on the FBW to do like Flare. This will probalby be two major releases away. 4. Flare too early. I will tweak this as the airbus FDE have way too much ground effect. 5. CTDs. My programing does not generate CTDs. The CTD experienced is most probably caused by the GpsModule.dll which should be fixed in Aerosoft's Airbus V2. Regards, Joshua Che.
  8. LOL Too frustrated and too fast as I need to sleep soon. C3 now! Just test the a321 IAE the rest is the same. Regards, Joshua Che.
  9. FINALLY C2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IAM VERY FRUSTRATED WITH THE PATCHER. Self-chill in progress.... Regards, Joshua Che.
  10. Can you try to run the patch again and when it complete, right click the window where the patchind done appears and select copy to clipboard then paste it here. There seems to be issues with 64bit machines. As I dont have 64bit machines , I just cant test it. You should be in no trouble because there was a backup command prompt as a precaution to backup your things. Does this only happens with A320CFM v0.8b? EDIT: Updated! Patches woes fixed. Regards, Joshua Che.
  11. I believe the problem is with the Airbus FBW because when flying manually the Default FBW switches off at 100 ft to simulate flare mode which is very unrealistic. You can try my alternative to aerosoft FBW or add more weight at the front of the aircraft. Regards, Joshua Che.
  12. When you roll left or right do the spoiler panels come out? If no, Try running the patcher again with FSX closed. If yes, you did not arm your spoiler b4 landing. V0.8 fixed compatibility with the callouts. Regards, Joshua Che.
  13. A. Try it and you know! Iis about the smae as default but its smoother, faster, reacting, no nose drop.... B. Beause the flight dynamics will be different ! My FBW code is only for Aerosoft A320/A321 FDEs. Regards, Joshua Che.
  14. Hi You mean on the external model the speedbrake do not move or what? Sorry If I misunderstood your question. Regards, Joshua Che
  15. Last time i had this problem was with the NAVData for Navigraph. Deleting the folder and reinstalling soved the issue for me. However, Beware not to delte other payware aircraft navdata or you will have to reinstall all other aircraft navigraph data. Regards, Joshua Che.
  16. The ASC file is a C++ (I believe) sound gauge. It produces the cockpit packs noice etc etc. Regards Joshua Che.
  17. Thanks for the encouragement! I just realised that my a321 patchers went haywire!!! I will re-release v0.7 as v0.7b soon. It will probably be tomorrow. No changes to the FBW excpet minor adjustment to the pitch as i continue to debug rudder issues. Regards, Joshua Che.
  18. Thanks for your compliment. However,I do this for hobby, and I just started on programing. FMGS is too complex for me for now. On top of that, I cant take so many projects at hand. Bear in mind that I am a student studying. Speaking of which, I have a math test just tomorrow. I am trying to force FSX autorudder to be always on because if i have FSX default auto-coord on , the rudder is too insensitive. If i have it off , no auto coord but you can "kick" the aircraft like the real airbus. I trying to find the perfect balance. The best outcome would be FSX default auto-coord forced on and you can "kick" the aircraft like in the Real World.
  19. Hello, It is done by myself. If you read my first post, it is done by me using xml and this is not related to aerosoft in anyway. About the rudder issue, I will check it. I suspect the rudder limiter in aerosoft code is too effective in limiting the rudder. EDIT: Okay, I decided to explain about the rudder issue. I suspect the rudder limiter in aerosoft code is too effective in limiting the rudder. Hence, when a turn is made the turns are not coordinated with the rudder. If i cant fix the default code, I will write a custom Auto-coordination code for the rudder. Regards, Joshua Che.
  20. I reduced the flare to about 200/ft fpm. Please post your aircraft.cfg in (usualy C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A321 IAE). I will take a look at it. And one last thing did you cut the throttles too early? My approach speed was ~153 knots. I have varying different speeds when i land but most land at about ~145 knots @ 250ft/pm EDIT: PM me.
  21. Hello, Thanks for your feedback as always. The issues you mentioned: 1. Nose down input take a long time for the FBW to trim properly. I will fix it sometime soon. I just realised this bug yesterday. EDIT: After investigation, For my FBW to stablise trim, stick MUST Be centered. Maybe you want to set bigger NULL Zone settings for your joystick? EDIT: After futher investigation, I realised my code took too long to sense the joystick position hence triming it more than it needed. V0.7b Fixed 2. Roll Axis Oscaliation It was fixed in v0.6. 3. Changing Thrust result in nose up or down. This one of my FBW limitations but its only +/- 1 degrees. I have been trying to improvised the code for this. And no, it does not happen in the real Airbus. Hope to hear your feedback on v0.7 soon! Regards, Joshua Che.
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