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  1. Hi, I am busy with FBW v0.9 and school end of year exams. I will look into this during my holiday. Regards, Joshua Che.
  2. I am too busy to post a guide but i found the website that will do the same for me: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/171469-uninstall-device-device-driver.html Do let me know the results. Regards, Joshua Che.
  3. Please describe your situation as well. 1. Brakes ON Forever. According to aersoft logic, Deploy flap 1 and press your brakes to the max will release it. I will try to see if I can solve this problem. 2. "Shivering" My FBW is actively triming the aircraft. Hence the shiverring. However it only occur when you have low FPS and does not happen very often. FBW v0.9 wil fix this with a PID controller. Regards, Joshua Che.
  4. Awesome! Going to fly to maderia now... Regards, Joshua Che.
  5. I think from here the developers have learnt the diificulty in debugging and programing in XML. Looking forward to the new autopilot coding. On that note, I wonder wherther the ND will have curved lines. Regards, Joshua Che.
  6. I had this problem before i think i reinstalled windows or uninstalled some windows update ...BTW when you move the throttle forward, do you here the usual thrittle detend sound? oh and can you try uninstalling the device and its drivers? if you do not know how to do that, I will post a guide for you. I think uninstalling and reinstalling device driver should fix it. Regards, Joshua Che.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. I will place this in the first post. Regards, Joshua Che.
  8. RzAxis is the rudder! Royce, There are a few user who reported the saitek X52 throttle axis can not be detected even in other simulators. Does your throttle work with the default 737 or 747? Regards, Joshua Che.
  9. I am looking for beta testers for FBW v0.9! Minimum Requirements: JOYSTICK AND REGISTRED FSUIPC (no exceptions). Intermediate computer knowledge. Interested? PM me. Regards, Joshua Che.
  10. The font installer open windows/fonts so that windows will recognize a new font is installed. This is a very crude way of installing but still... it works. Has your PFD font changed? The ND font there are some font that i kept the default for visibilty reasons. A picture of your displays now would be good. Regards, Joshua Che.
  11. Good question. FBW v0.9 will require registered FSUIPC to use it. I use FSUIPC to help output the joystick axis to my FBW code. Without registered FSUIPC, You can't assign your joystick Axis to output. If I don't use FSUIPC, I have to program my own C++ gauge like the Aerosoft's AS_FADEC(throtles) which I do not know how to program. FBW v0.9 is almost completely rewritten hence you will need FSUIPC for it to work. I will keep legacy versions online but my aim is true realistic FBW . Thanks for your interest. Regards, Joshua Che.
  12. Am I right to say the slider is throttle? Try in Aerosft launcher assign slider of Saitek X52 Flight Control System assign to AXIS_THROTTLE. Regards, Joshua Che.
  13. Did you install LH1711 callouts? If yes just install my FBW patcher agian to fix it. Regards, Joshua Che.
  14. UPDATE: New FBW v0.9 coming not so soon ! Number change = new features ! Expected changelog: TRUE FBW SIMULATION such as: Accurate Gload Simulation. ( Stick pull up/down = Gload command) Accurate Roll rate Simulation. ( Stick left/right = Command Roll Rate) Stall Protection (AoA protection) Minimum Requirements: JOYSTICK AND REGISTRED FSUIPC (no exceptions). Early stages! Very Beta. Sneak preview soon. Regards, Joshua Che.
  15. Did you leave your throttle at idle before starting FSX? Check your throttle is fully calibrated and at idle. Make sure you only have one axis assign to throttle axis. Also, Have you replaced AS_FADEC with the one there? if yes, Remove C:\AS_FADEC.txt before loading the Airbus X (if it exists) Run FSX and select the Airbus X A320 CFM or the aircraft you installed it on. Quit FSX Attach them to a reply here C:\AS_FADEC.txt C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\Standard.xml This will make it easier to diagnose the problem. Regards, Joshua Che.
  16. Read the instructions. BTW, if you can't use the aerosoft launcher, you can asign your controls in FSX settings, control and change the axis assignment throttle axis. Regards, Joshua Che.
  17. AS_FADEC_log.zip Download this AS_Fadec. For me, once i downloaded the file and replace my AS_FADEC and it worked. However, if it did not work, post your log files there http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/39275-throttle-issue-please-only-here/ and be more polite. Regards, Joshua Che.
  18. if you mean the copilot side of the displays have all the captain PFD features like (high refresh rate, full indicators)? No. However, It can be done easily i think but It will decrease FPS greatly. If you mean the copilot side of the displays have the new fonts yes. Regards, Joshua Che.
  19. Font only. FD is autopilot's stuff. Regards, Joshua Che.
  20. Introduction: I did not like the Displays in the Airbus X. Hence, I started this mini project and now is ready for public beta. I have picked up from my computer a old font and modified it. Only Font modifications though. This modification is in no way related to aerosoft and its for your own personal use. WARNINGS: BACKUP FIRST FSX MUST BE CLOSED WHEN INSTALLING Restart After Font Installation Installation: Run the appropriate .exe patcher that will patch your files. There are five patchers. Install the font patcher first. Recommend to install one patcher first and test out then apply all. LATEST VERSION: V0.4 DOWNLOAD: Direct from Aerosoft: http://forum.aerosof...erosoft-pfd-nd/ Mirror: http://dl.dropbox.co...ODEBETAv0.4.zip CHANGELOG: v0.4- Public Beta Release Upcoming Versions (to be implemented) - Any sugestions for Displays only? Screenshots: LEGAL STUFF This mod is released as FREEWARE. You may use and modify it in any way you wish, but you may NOT use it in any kind of money-making endeavor, and you may NOT publicly distribute any copies of it , whether modified or not, without my permission. Regards, Joshua Che
  21. Any more Pilot Comment / Feedback? Anyone? Regards, Joshua Che.
  22. Thanks! Hope you enjoy and keep using it! Regards, Joshua Che.
  23. Please Read the installation warnings and instruction on the first post as well Regards, Joshua Che.
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