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  1. Danke Flyalberto für die schnelle Antwort!
  2. Hallo Community, aktuell kann man die Version 3.34 full herunterladen. Dazu stehen im Downloadbereich noch jede Menge 3.35 Patches. Meine Frage lautet: Dürfen die 3.35er Patches über die 3_34 full installiert werden, oder sind die Summe der 3.35er Patches eine neue Experimentalversion? Viele Grüße, Horst K
  3. Hi Luke123452468,

    I write this as message to You, because I can´t give You direct the answer in the support area. I am only a flight simmer with some small experience.


    You write, that You lost total power and the cockpit was dark.


    This could be happen on two reasons:

    1.  The fuel is empty, if You fly with the B737 standard on a long distance flight, for example EDDV --> LMPA the fuel is lost after aproximately 3,5 Hours, just behind the spanisch coast. So before takeoff, please look into the weight and balance window that there is enough fuel on board.
    2. The same Situation will come up, if You have not adjusted the oxygen supply for the cabin by adjusting the cruize flight level. You will find the setpoint for it at the upper panel on the right side, over the head of the Copilot.

    I hope this Information is helpfully.


    If You need some pictures to get more information, please let me know.


    Best regards,


    Horst K

    1. luke123452468




      Thanks for the message. However we had plenty of fuel and I didn't have this issue in any other plane until CFD. Other people have had the same issue as me. The oxygen supply doesn't affect both engines failing and all displays going black.

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