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  1. Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the review of my American Eagle -900 paint.

    I've known you from the "other" forum for many years, and I'm glad you've enjoyed so many of my paints. :)

    I have a few more CRJs I'm probably going to do before I "retire" again from painting. (Until the A320 and A300 are released of course) :lol:


    1. PeterZ KCLE EDDN

      PeterZ KCLE EDDN

      Hey Steve,


      thanks for the kind note. There are not that many longtimers around anymore ;-) I think I've been a regular on avsim since it was founded in 1998 if I remember

      correctly. Keep your airbrushes swinging my friend, you bring joy and awe to all of us in the simworld!!!!!




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