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  1. Oliver, this is an outstanding job you've made here ! I can't imagine flying without AES anymore, and since a long time already, but you've just took FS to an whole new level with those improvements. And best of all, it stays FPS friendly !Thank you very much sir, you're the man !
  2. Thanks a lot, 737FREAK. I don't want to push anybody, but I'd like to get this problem solved.
  3. Can I get directly in touch with someone in charge of the support please ? The forum is great but it's like nobody gives a damn about my problem...
  4. As I said above, I use FS9, not FSX. FL950120.bgl's creation date is july 4th 2009, modified on may 22nd 2003 (O_o)
  5. Sasa, I have a freeware mesh covering that area, but I already tried what you said. Helpless. AF2_EDXH.bgl is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\Helgoland\Scenery Thanks
  6. I don't see it in my FS/Aerosoft folder, and I'm using Fs2004 by the way, I forgot to mention it. Apologies.
  7. Shaun, What do you mean with changing the scenery settings ? I've putted helgoland on the top of my scenery library in FS, but it changed nothing.
  8. Hi everyone at Aerosoft I have a problem with Helgoland scenery. The airport building seems to float 50cm above the ground level, and one of the runway is covered with sand. Here are the pics : Can someone tell me what to do ? Thanks.
  9. I will try to search in that direction, thanks for the answer, Shaun.
  10. FS9 needs a great Orly airport ! Come on guys, this looks awesome so far !
  11. Hi everyone, Leipzig airport is my favourite airport, I often fly to and from there. From time to time, no matter morning/afternoon/night, all the gates are filled only with cargo traffic like DHL or UPS (I use AI traffic). Sometimes AI traffic is "normal", some empty gates, some other with passenger airlines and the cargo fleet parked at the DHL hub, and then sometimes, the airport is full of cargo's. It's not a big problem but quite unrealistic. Doesn anyone knows something about it ? Thanks a lot
  12. Hi, I'm about to uninstall and reinstall FS9 too. I understand that I have to manually create the Aerosoft/AES folder in my new Flight Simulator 9 folder, but what should I exactly copy there ? Only the .dat files or the entire content of the "old" /Aerosoft/AES folder, including the subfolders etc ? Thanks
  13. My mistake is a noobie mistake, sorry and thank you for your help .
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