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  1. Yes!! Full payware photo-real 3d scenery. The quality of Aerosoft work, by Aerosoft. I was just saying that I would settle for something, but I would pay well for the Aerosoft professional scenery. Lynn
  2. I have searched for good payware and freeware, even posting on Avsim. None of the scenery for FSX covers Cancun, Mayan Rivieria, Cozumel. I have Scenery Tech North America Landclass and it adds autogen for the downtown of Cancun, but leaves the rest barren. There is nothing for the Cancun Hotel Zone. Cozumel, Playa Carmen, and down to Tulum. A great package would be from Isla Mujeres in the North to Tulum in the south, including Cozumel. I would would like to see this as a full rendition product. I would pay for a complete product Isla Mujeres in the North to Tulum in the south like your VFR LondonX and city airport. I would bet that it would be one of your top sellers. The area is absolutely beautiful, and it draws many thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is truely an international vacation location. Tourists come from South America, US, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Europe, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe. Please consider this as a product. Thanks, Lynn
  3. I have GEX and UTX. Will the night lighting, etc show through so that the night will look the same as it does now? Is it correct that Chicago will not have snow in the winter? Thanks, Lynn
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