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  1. I have applied the electric fix and since then no more issue with the compas it work normaly
  2. Just for info, I had the problem just once so far but I do not make that many flight with the katana (around 10)
  3. The fix work for me no electric issue on a 30 minutes flights (I used to have the bug before) One think I notice, in the Setting menu, the Avionics always come back to realistic even if I set it to simple. Other option are properly saved.
  4. Hello I have the electrical issue report by other (grab the pacth will try it thank you) resolve the issue by pressing Ctrl E but the compas then goes wrong just look at the runway QFU and compas : Is it normal ? Does the compas need electicity to perform normally ?
  5. Hello. Just bought it, looks like a very nice plane. I have what looks like a bug with the town array that I'm not able to switch off. I try the town array option with a right click but with no succes and I don't understand how I can put the town aray off. I also have a big yellow stuff attached at my tail and it shoulden't be the case if I look the ground attachement windows. Also the wheel fairing option does not match the graphical representation (if I understand well I should have no wheel fairing on the nose weel and I should have one on the left wheel) thanks for your help.
  6. Shaun fix it, I have access to the update now, thanks to him.
  7. I Just try again and check there was no space before or after but it still not work. I have contacted the support by e-mail as well, just hope they can solve that issue I wish I can have the last version of the beaver and enjoy the soundpack as well. Thanks for your support anyway.
  8. I bought beaver X from aerosoft, from this precise website. I have no problem to install the aircraft (entered my e-mail adress and the serial number when prompted) My problem is to register my aircraft on the website in order to have access to the last patch. I have a message stating that either serial number or e-mail is incorrect. I have choose "BeaveX" in the product list, check that it was the download version and not the boxed one, copy paste all information in order not to make any mistake but no luck.
  9. Thanks for you reply, actualy I see Version=0230 so i have to install the latest patch. Problem is i can't register my product on the web site to have access to the patch for the beaver, even though I copy paste my e-mail adress and licence number I've got an error message.
  10. Hello, I bought the beaver X yesterday. My question is when you download a product is it up to date and does it already embeded all patchs done so far or do you have to upgrade your product with the latest patch ? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, The repaint are in the FS2004 section of the dowload area, however the Cheyenne have 2 version, one for FS9 and the other for FSX. Does this mean that this repaint will not suit the FSX version of the Cheyenne or will they work for both ?
  12. Thanks for the reply Shaun too bad for the altimeter, well I just have to learn the conversion table if I want to fly "realisticly"
  13. Hello, I have two questions concerning altimeter and HSI in the twin otter X Altimeter When I try to adjust the altimeter presure using the knob, the pop up display presure in hectopascal (like 1013) whereas ATC always inform of presure in inches (like 29.92) meaning I have to make the conversion wich is not always easy. Is there any possibility to have the pop up display in inches rather than in hectopascal ? HSI When I use yhe knob to adjust heading bug or course setting, the pop up display indicate the direction of the course heading and the heading of the plane but there is no indication of the direction of the heading bug, meaning I have to rely on the HSI to adjust the heading bug. It is therefore difficult to adjust precisely the heading bug, the HSI display not being extremely precise. Again is there any possibility to change the pop up display so that it indicate the course heading and the heading bug ? I run FSX with vista SP2 32 Thanks in advance.
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