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  1. If you are implementing Sid and Stars then is it possible to have 'constraints' also I'm not sure if this is in the Airbus X at the moment because I'm waiting for the boxed version, but if it isn't then could we have the 'Flight path vector' or 'the Bird' as some may call it on the PFD for non-precision landings. Also I have read somewhere the cockpit can be quite dark before the systems are switched so a working Dome light would be useful . TOD and TOC would be another useful function along with the Arrow Icon showing when the estimated APP Phase will be activated on the PFD I'm going to fly the Wilco Airbus other the next week and if there is anything I would miss system wise I will make further notes if thats ok
  2. Theres a rumor that Mathijs sports Elise wouldn't start this morning and is still waiting for the recovery! Sorry Mathijs couldn't resist
  3. Hi there guys, it appears after making a full install of FSX on Windows XP 32 platform and installing the Catalina that the sound module is not working i.e no landing gear effects or checklist sounds, I have searched the forum and it looks like the only option is to reinstall XP and FSX again. I have reloaded FSX numerous times in the past and I have loaded the Cat also numerous times but this is a first for the module not working. I want to keep a reinstall as a last resort and I have followed all the usual advice of reinstalling the cat, updating the run time libs and so on. I can live without the sounds for the switches and checklist but the landing gear sounds are a show stopper for me I'm afraid. Any help or advise would be very greatful
  4. Are the cockpit tool tips (I think thats what they are called) working for all or most buttons such as the heading knob with the heading reading in the pop up tip? A lot of add-on aircraft seem to miss these out or just tell you what the button is when hovering the mouse over it. I don't have a large screen and these readouts do come in handy if you cant read the screen without zooming in on some PFDs which can be difficult whilst trying to turn the heading knob at the same time
  5. This is the exact reason why I don't fly online, would love too but, it all seems to complicated, I can only use an FMC to fly online? Serious question here as I was hoping to join and use this Airbus for that reason
  6. Lol Aerosoft will have start an other thread just for commercial pilots, I haven't a clue what everyone is talking about
  7. Well after that statement I think you have over stepped the line......
  8. Well after visiting the Forum again thinking that they would be some more exciting information on the Bus so close to it's release, the battle of words continue. It's suppose to be a hobby and pastime, everybody has a different view on how FSX should be perceived but above all else it's all down to having fun or am I missing something? The day I get paid to fly virtual planes in the virtual world of FSX then thats the day I'll take it seriously, and everybody should take a breather, step back and wait for the Bus to be released and then see what the simming world makes of it (and we all know the answer to that).
  9. Great night shots, there is something I love about flying at night, seeing the FSX sunset and all the other Aircraft are easier to see at night so you don't feel alone in the air, it's going to be fantastic!
  10. No I mean I know that some Addon developers are in talks with microsoft with the view of supporting the the platform which could suggest it isn't a closed book in what some people may think the new sim will be, my guess is that it will be for both arcade users and hardcore sim users, just because there is no 'simulation' in the title doesn't mean that it is not a simulator, MS marketing is cleverer then to shun 30 years of development in the franchise
  11. Also its fun to speculate, and why not?
  12. Too early to speculate anything although there are some add-on companies who are in developments talks with MS so maybe it isn't as far removed as some may think
  13. Interesting development! http://www.thebitbag.com/2010/08/16/microsoft-flight-teaser-trailer/
  14. Thats great news Finn, is it something you will be using in future Aircraft releases? And can we have an exterior view of the Airbus at night with all the lights working in a screen shot?
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