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  1. Reading these problems of compatibility with 64 bits with Wilco products , I just ask me what about the Citation Mustang by FLIGHT 1 ??? Thank you for precising : Alain.
  2. Hello, Well; happy to see I'm not the only one to have this problem : I'll try to think about that ! Alain.
  3. The X-52 Pro is perfect and I found that the axis of "rotation y " on the MFD of the X52 Pro gives an even more gradual control on the speedbrake !
  4. O.K. Thanks Rod, I am gonna try this: best regards : Alain
  5. Nice to have G-limitations depending on the SMS Stores : but is-it possible to unload all this armament to get a lighter aircraft ? Alain ROSE .
  6. As there are A.D.F. or NDB. on the Maps of FSX and a panel in the F-16 aircraft on radiocoms and "to set the ADF receiver" says the manual, ...How is it I can't set any ADF to navigate ??? Thanks for helping. Best Regards : Alain .
  7. I'm just reading you about waypoints programmations: beginner with the F-16, I could not enter several waypoints via the ICP. in the DED and it really disturbs me: so, I will try via FSX flightplan program ! See you soon here ! BEST REGARDS / Alain
  8. rose

    Tahitti X

    Hi, to get a seaplane in "water" wherever you wish , you can also take off with a "normal" (wheeled) plane from an airport located neat the place you want to get your seaplane and, IN FLIGHT, you change your aircraft for a SEAPLANE for your seaplane (menu bar, "aircraft" in FSX) that you will "land" in the location you wish as "harbour" and save it there for your future take-off ! Alain .
  9. Thanks a lot for your help : I just downloaded the list of seaplane basis! I'm looking forward to try them. Best regards: Alain .
  10. Having the Twin-Otter float, and new in the business of seaplanes, I have a very stupid question: Where and How can I put my plane with floats on a body of water: is there somewhere a list of Harbours with seaplanes facilities ? Thanks for helping ! Alain .
  11. rose


    I have two radionav. VOR but on the main panel instrument, only one HSI linked with Radionav.1, while the Radionav. 2 is linked with the DME. So, I cannot use the Radionav. 2 for navigation directions... What to do ? Thank you for helping. Alain
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