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  1. they fixed it today, downgraded it.
  2. version 1.06 was released quite a long time ago ... there are two or one of two problems: 1) they just forgot to send you a new version... 2) or they just forgot to update the number of the version in the installer... In any case, the version 1.05(or is it possible 1.06) does not work correctly in P5, we get several stock builds and objects.
  3. On the aerosoft website current version: 1.05 also Aerosoft Updater does not see this product... On the flylogicsoftware current version: 1.06 Where is the truth?
  4. no it(the effect of temperature on the barometer) is not implemented in any of the sims...
  5. sorry, probably I asked not quite clear... I just want to clarify: version for P5, this is also the same as for P4, but only P5 support is added?
  6. this is a similar update as for P3D V5?
  7. here you only need an example from a sim( I showed it above and I will be very glad to know that I was wrong) on paper and in real life it would work, but the effect of temperature on altitude is not implemented in sim.
  8. this is not implemented in sim Q.E.D: METAR: Latest Jepp: FAF alt 2470 ft (D5.1 DEM): If this were implemented in the sim, then we would be about 320 ft lower(if the effect of temperature were to be implemented, the correct altitude with corrections should be approx. 2790 ft).
  9. as it is on paper, we roughly know🤔 need a test in sim with screenshots🤗
  10. I think we are talking about different things ... pressure is not compensated, we just make a altitude correction by adding extra, moreover, in the case of the airbus, we shouldn't to altitude correctionin any of the cases when we use VNAV minimums and you no fall outside of the temperature restrictions: (in this case - 16 or +54).? This was also discussed here, in none of the simulators this is implemented: (even if it is - 60 or +60 in the sim, the altitude will not depend on the temperature)
  11. no, so this(the effect of cold or hot weather on the altimeter) is not realized in sim, or am I wrong? understood, thanks, I hope he clears up my last question;)
  12. it turned out to be an interesting discussion, but still wanted to summarize for the airbus, what do we do in 1 case: and what do we do in 2 case: ?
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