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  1. Well yes the target folder will always exist won't it ? I thought the idea of a backup is to restore an earlier version of the files ? The original folder will always be in the correct place...… the p3d.cfg file will always be in the relevant folder, etc etc. If thing go wrong, I just need to restore earlier versions of the files to those folders/ Thnx
  2. Hi. OKAY, just tried - for first time ever - to restore an earlier config. Error. So, I changed the backup location to the local disk, and experimented by making a backup, and then restoring. This was what happened: Image below and text from error: Simstarter.txt
  3. There is no drop down box - I cannot start the program - I have uninstalled and reinstalled. What is going on here please ?
  4. Bizzare - box asks me to select version, and it is too small. Basically, cannot start the program. Only happened with this update. Thnx
  5. Say, compared the CRJ ? Thnx
  6. Well I am buying next week - along with SIM 720's Oban - so I will let you know ! I find that smaller airports are usually OK in P3D v4, and I do not use dynamic lighting, so hopefully all will be well ! Loving the Otter in P3D v4, but honestly - who the heck thought sticking the yoke right over the HSI and Vert Speed indicator was a good idea ? Oh my Lord ! Sack them. I have had to create a very awkward Chaseplane view, whereupon I can see both the those instruments AND the AP trim wheel, at the same time - what a nightmare.
  7. Exactly as above post - Terrain.dll. First one ever - but, I am using a mod to allow the Flight1 GTN 750 into the VC panel. So, it may be down to that - I have scaled back on the detail displayed on the map screen of the GTN to be safe. Tried again, and all was well. Put it down to an aberration or the GTN !!!
  8. Aha. Explains it. BTW.... is Barra airport working in P3D v4 ?
  9. Anyone know of an Era Alaska (original green livery) repaint, per chance ? Anyone wants to do me one I'll happily make a 10 dollar donation to a charity of their choice.
  10. Just updated to P3Dv4 version and am pleasantly surprised how much better it looks than in FSX. Am I imagining this ? With the reflection and GTN mod, I am loving it.
  11. But the fps performance on the Milviz stuff is pitiful. A better optimised Twotter from AS would be better. Especially if they synchronised the release with a remastered Lukla ! ...... Look what they did for Xplane ! https://www.helisimmer.com/news/frank-dainese-teases-heli-sim-community-lukla-base-camp/
  12. You must. Trust me. I was like you 6 months ago. 1000s of quid of addons. But, I sold the rights to half of one of my kidneys, (joke !) And got a decent PC for a grand. Started with basic OrbX stuff and a couple of good aircraft. Never looked back. Just the cockpit shadows are worth it ! It looks better, and runs better, than FSX, even on the same hardware. Trust me.... make the plunge, and you will thank me.
  13. Okay, so, install v4.4, delete the .cfg file, Then boot up, close down.... Then use Simstarter and import the scenery.cfg, and use the profiles normally. ??.
  14. This is what I'm attempting to understand too. If I update to 4.4, importing a new, empty cfg file, basically creates a new master file, which presumably means all your profiles have to be deleted and remade. After all, it is feasible that the new version of P3D, or FSX etc., may well have a different structure, new elements, different stuff, old stuff gone etc. So unless I'm assured to the contrary, I think it best just to delete all the profiles and start fresh.
  15. Help please ? I want install 4.4 Exactly what do I do with Simstarter to avoid re-doing all my profiles ? Thnx
  16. Sorry, I don't understand. I have a bunch of profiles. Each has various scenery and settings configurations. Can I still use these once I install v4.4 and delete the cfg file ? Thnx
  17. You have to set it to "show scenario screen" at start up..... 😁
  18. So I know some elements of my profiles make adjustments to the CFG file. So, given we are advised to delete the cfg file when the client is deleted and the new 4.4 version installed, is it necessary to redo all the profiles. I'm only up to about 30 now, so it should only take about..... a week ! Thnx
  19. Ok guys. Will double check these. Probably buried under Processes somewhere. Thnx
  20. Don't think they will do the FSX version - pretty much dead for devs now. The point is to bring the Twootter up to P3D standards - dynamic lights etc.. 64 bit, no OOM errors or VAS issues to worry about, and a flippin looooooooong list of other stuff.
  21. Getting this ALL the time and it is very annoying. P3D is not running anywhere in task manager but I keep getting the message when I start or close Simstarter. Thnx
  22. OK .... you're the boss. Just relieved you have not abandoned it. I believe most people will pay full price for a well developed update. When they see it, they won't moan ! Watching with interest. " Ich wünsche dir das Beste für das kommende Jahr. " 😁😁😁
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