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  1. The first version had very variable framerates. I noticed variation between 25 and 85 fps. Now given this Pro version, is enhanced significantly with lighting and pbr, it has clearly just scaled down. So a 20 percent reduction in fps will put the lower level under 20, making it much more noticeable.
  2. Am I correct in thinking that the original CRJ 700 did not support 2D pop ups of the main PFD and ND screens... but this Pro version DOES ? And are they resizeable ? If this is the case, I am very happy and will be purchasing. Thnx
  3. So I am getitng the old and dreaded hang at bootup of P3D v4.5 at 6 % Traced it down to Trondheim - Activated = hang, deactivate - no hang. I have FT Norway and have allowed the configurator to ammend the conflicting files (which is just the duplicated BGL files). Why is Trondheim doing this ? Is there a fault elsewhere ? I have 30 odd airports and 6 FTX regions installed. This is the only airport doing this. The sim just stalls at 6 percent - forever.
  4. Good question, but please guys - a little Psychology 101 - don't start posting huge lists of all this stuff you want to see..... it puts undue pressure on the potential devs. Wait until it is green lit....... for cripes sake. ..... then, once its underway, fill yer boots ! Come on, any10 year old kid knows this: You don't ask Daddy for a 15 foot python straight off the bat. No, you get a tortoise, then a rabbit, then a lizard....... and so on. ....... 'Slowly, slowly catchey monkey' The more 25-point lists of "I want..... x, y, z" I s
  5. If I'd won the Lotto last night, I'd bung you half a million to make it ! .... but I didn't .... but I can assure you, many of us would be happy to support an 'early access' project. I know you don't like that financial model, but maybe (and with great respect), could I suggest a rethink, and Aerosoft could move with the times ? It is becomming very popular, and often, very successful. Regards.
  6. Thankyou. I assume the 4.3 version will work just fine with 4.5 but without the PBR ?
  7. Any ETA on the non PBR version ? Really too shimmery for my taste on the Carenado ATR. Thnx
  8. Where is our Twotter ? Still waiting. Not going anywhere. 😁😁🤔 Do it. I too was reticent for a long time.... but once you try it...... trust me, you will be glad you did. Shadows on the ground, PBR, reflections in the water..... and cockpit shadows are worth the price of admission. Sometimes you have to let go. Kids fly the coup..... life must go on. I would prefer 1 good aircraft and 1 OrbX region in P3D, than a million addons in FSX. And it runs better, and looks better than FSX, on the
  9. Anyone know of an Era Alaska (original green livery) repaint, per chance ? Anyone wants to do me one I'll happily make a 10 dollar donation to a charity of their choice.
  10. But the fps performance on the Milviz stuff is pitiful. A better optimised Twotter from AS would be better. Especially if they synchronised the release with a remastered Lukla ! ...... Look what they did for Xplane ! https://www.helisimmer.com/news/frank-dainese-teases-heli-sim-community-lukla-base-camp/
  11. You must. Trust me. I was like you 6 months ago. 1000s of quid of addons. But, I sold the rights to half of one of my kidneys, (joke !) And got a decent PC for a grand. Started with basic OrbX stuff and a couple of good aircraft. Never looked back. Just the cockpit shadows are worth it ! It looks better, and runs better, than FSX, even on the same hardware. Trust me.... make the plunge, and you will thank me.
  12. Don't think they will do the FSX version - pretty much dead for devs now. The point is to bring the Twootter up to P3D standards - dynamic lights etc.. 64 bit, no OOM errors or VAS issues to worry about, and a flippin looooooooong list of other stuff.
  13. OK .... you're the boss. Just relieved you have not abandoned it. I believe most people will pay full price for a well developed update. When they see it, they won't moan ! Watching with interest. " Ich wünsche dir das Beste für das kommende Jahr. " 😁😁😁
  14. A lot of devs use an Early Access system.... can't see why it wouldn't work out. Air Hauler 2 started 2 years ago.... constantly being updated and improved. But I guess with an aircraft it may be different.
  15. Yup.... they will give you Rain Effects, but you may need to license Real Light from TFdi..... although I believe A2A are developing their own too, as they refused to license either technology from TFdi, as it was too expensive. May I just suggest a compromise for everyone ? Step 1. Give the existing Twin Otter a bit of a "tune up", with improved textures and a native installer for the GTN 650/750 etc. Then, release it to us ASAP for say 25 to 30 Euros .. as soon as possible ! Call it "Twin Otter 2020" Step 2. Later, bri
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