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  1. What he said ! Do it properly. 50 euro is nothing nowadays. I spend 10 euro a month just for Navigraph ! .....Especially if we have a range of models.... float, skis etc.
  2. With respect, I'm sure old textures can still be used with PBR enabled models. I have a few addons where I use both PBR and non-pbr textures made many moons ago... Carenados, PMDG to name a few. Someone's making this now for P3D. And I'm sure Everest will be made P3D compatible soon ?
  3. I agree PBR is de rigueur right now. True light and Real glass too. After all, this may be the last time you do an Otter. "If you're gonna do it... do it right !" (Donald Duck - 1973) Just my 2 cents...!
  4. Well the maths may be incorrect, but the sentiment remains the same. "Many hands make for faster work" - could have been Shakespeare... or maybe Elvis?
  5. But employ more people ? 2x people = half time. No ? Thinking same ! Not many GAs have wipers ! Lol.
  6. Best news for a while. We have been banging on about it ! For me... just a few things. 1. Must be able to lower the yoke ! The heading bug was a pain to use... still is ! 2. Charge what you like. I think most of us will be quite happy. 3. Oh.... do not go overboard with graphics... I would prefer a 60 fps aircraft than a chugger. 4. Yes, make it easy to taxi. 5. Please don't overdo the windshield reflections. The current version has that heavy perspex... I had to remove it completely. Maybe a choice of heavy, light or none ? Any ETA ? This year, next ? Thnx
  7. Not sure if I run as Admin. Will check. Thnx
  8. OK - sorted - went into cfg file and set main window to normal. thnx
  9. Of course the target file exists..... they all do ! I am trying to restore a backup, so the all the current xml, exe and cfg files in various locations, will need to be oferwritten by the backed up files...... come on, the logic is pretty straightforward. If the target file did not exist, my installation would really be messed up ! My p3d.cfg or addon.xml file is corrupt, do I restore a backup...... these corrupt files need to be replaced....with the backed up versions. So of course those target files are already there..... so why the error message ? Or doesn't the backup utility actually backup these files ? In which case, it is rather misleading.
  10. Please ? Pretty desperate here ..... no option to adjust profiles or save any changes. The Profile list window (usually left side only), stretches across the entire window.
  11. Can only see list of profiles without the right hand info and detail window - how do yo reset ??? Thnx
  12. Keeps stopping working after 1 or 2 flights. PC reboot necessary. This is since latest update.
  13. Excellent news.... thank the gods of simming ! šŸ˜
  14. Good question, but please guys - a little Psychology 101 - don't start posting huge lists of all this stuff you want to see..... it puts undue pressure on the potential devs. Wait until it is green lit....... for cripes sake. ..... then, once its underway, fill yer boots ! Come on, any10 year old kid knows this: You don't ask Daddy for a 15 foot python straight off the bat. No, you get a tortoise, then a rabbit, then a lizard....... and so on. ....... 'Slowly, slowly catchey monkey' The more 25-point lists of "I want..... x, y, z" I see on these Twotter posts, the more it dismays me, and the less likely it will happen. ..... You don't poke the bear, until the bear shows up. I hope my copious use of metaphor and analogy is not wasted. And, for those of you who already know this, and feel patronised by what I have just written, I wholeheartedly apologise. ...... it is merely for those who just don't 'get it'.
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