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  1. Okay, after Budapest and Vilnius this is No. 3 in Central and Eastern Europe. Think, it is time for this step... The idea to bring out a russian section of Your side is a good idea. Often enough I have difficulties to write here. I fly in FS 9 often enough to Yekaterinburg. My goddaughter was born there... The problem we have with Yekaterinburg in FS X is, that we have around 6 hours of flight from the next Aerosoft-Airport... and so I hope, this is the first step and we get Moscow with its Airports soon also. There is no acceptable representation of the biggest City in Europe and it´s airports available after so many year´s flying FS X. This is not amazing for us. Also St. Petersburg and the airport Pulkovo need a good representation and I think after flying to Mallorca all day long it is also not bad for german Customers to learn a little bit and fly the other way.
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