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  1. Es scheint niemanden zu stören, wie die Nutzung des Prepar3D in den Nutzungsbedingungen definiert ist. Mich schon. Es gibt dazu endlose Abhandlungen im Internet und man scheint sich einig zu sein, "alles unwichtig." Finde ich nicht. Aber das muss jeder mit sich abmachen. So hat es zum Beispiel seine Bedeutung, das man ihne in Russland wohl nicht legal erwerben kann... https://www.prepar3d.com/frequently-asked-questions/ https://www.prepar3d.com/product-overview/prepar3d-license-comparison/ Siehe Punkt 13.3 https://secure.prepar3d.com/solo/products/LicenseAgreement.aspx?ProdOptionID=1096
  2. Wird es auch eine Version für den FSX geben oder muss ich bei der alten Freeware bleiben... P3D4 ist für mich aufgrund der windigen Geschäftsbedingungen von Lockheed-Martin keine Option.
  3. Another day, another flight ... today fly to a Bedouin-Camp and give the the Chief something useful items... Using a Pilatus Turbo Porter marked as aircraft of the United Nations. It is another uneventful flight in to the Sahara.... or not? Typical checks for this short flight are made and not forget to take enough to drink with. (I have learned this the hard way in Angola.) Climbing in to the cockpit and up we went. United Nations ... wow it looks so important... Let Big Daddy go... We are in Africa. Often enough no tower, no ATC. You need to keep your eyes open and sharp. The wreck of SS "Cotopaxi" Duster... no chance to do anything. The engine got a lot of dust and quit... no not complete. But I have not enough power to keep the aircraft in the air. Standstill. With this engine I can´t go nowhere. Looking under the tarpaulin of the freight i found... an ATV! O.k. tank is full. It is not a good idea in this region waiting for a search, if you know the exact coordinates and where to go. In the time of GPS and cellphone... but hey, this is Africa! I am not familiar driving an ATV... Helicopter... are they on a search mission? So fast? The Bedouins are busy and don´t to want to talk with me. I like Camels, but now I have the Quad. Found the Solar power station from yesterday.... This looks a bit unfriendly .. better to go if they want to shoot me... This is Africa... This thing has seen better day´s. And now? Think it is a good idea to "give the brave horse something to drink". The road is now in better condition.. how long? And after a village the road is ending. I follow the railroad. "Oil is much too important a commodity to be left in the hands of the Arabs." Henry Kissinger And in de hands of the Africans to... ? After the collapse of the USSR a lot of equipment like this Antonov An 26 found it´s way to Africa... Big Daddy is here... with his aircraft... and I without...
  4. Okay, after Budapest and Vilnius this is No. 3 in Central and Eastern Europe. Think, it is time for this step... The idea to bring out a russian section of Your side is a good idea. Often enough I have difficulties to write here. I fly in FS 9 often enough to Yekaterinburg. My goddaughter was born there... The problem we have with Yekaterinburg in FS X is, that we have around 6 hours of flight from the next Aerosoft-Airport... and so I hope, this is the first step and we get Moscow with its Airports soon also. There is no acceptable representation of the biggest City in Europe and it´s airports available after so many year´s flying FS X. This is not amazing for us. Also St. Petersburg and the airport Pulkovo need a good representation and I think after flying to Mallorca all day long it is also not bad for german Customers to learn a little bit and fly the other way.
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