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  1. Despite my incompetence with helicopters, I still managed a good shot I think. Galore Creek mine in TFX.
  2. How frame rate friendly is this scenery? Does it run better or worse than the default scenery? My computer has a geforce 9600GT and an Intel Duo E6300. Will that be powerful enough to have good frames?
  3. Is this with tongass fjords x?
  4. Yeah! A naval base would be awesome! I think they should try making Pearl Harbor or maybe Midway Island.
  5. A few of Aerosoft's aircraft have their own seperate mission packs. I was wondering if there was any word on one for the Catalina. I think it would make for some awesome WWII or search and rescue missions.
  6. Hello, I am thinking about purchasing the bush hawk. However I don't have sp2 or acceleration because my graphics card can't handle dx10. Can I use the bush hawk with SP1? Please reply,thanks.
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