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  1. Hello, I am wondering how much would it cost me for you to create livery of this plane below for the a320 pro with IAE engines?


    N604AW American Airlines Airbus A320-232 photographed at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International (FLL / KFLL) by Lucie Buben

    1. gustavoaguiar
    2. PlaneGuy21


      What method do you use for compensation?

    3. gustavoaguiar


      PayPal, but it have a fee.

  2. I was piloting the A319 into Charlotte Douglas when the aircraft completely shutdown on me while on final. What is up with that?
  3. Hello everyone, I am having a slight issue with PFPX when I go to save my flight plan to the designated directory it says "Can't Write To File." I do not understand why I am receiving this error? P.S. I am using P3D V4.3
  4. I would most certainly love a new E170-195 Ejet series of aircraft to be developed by Aerosoft for FSX/P3D. The current Ejet addon is pretty out-dated and I don't care for it too much.
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