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  1. Good evening guys, please is it possible to change the weights (MZFW MTOW MLAW and DOW) like a real companies thank you.
  2. Thank you but i dont undrestand where get this file Regex.Assembly.PFPX_OFP.regex .
  3. Hi please im looking for pfpx profile for the aerosoft crj pro 900 version i can"t find them in simbase Ecosystem folder help please thanks in advance.
  4. Good morning sir i have problem with aerosoft A330 it crashes when open Link on EFB i have windows 10 Fully updated v1909 latest nvidia driver also i update to Last version A a330 <Version installé: Pas de mise à jours disponible pour ce produit!> also P3D V4.5 Hotfix 2 Please help and have a good day
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