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  1. can you make other one for aerosoft crj 900 pro version for p3d v5 please
  2. Good evening guys, please is it possible to change the weights (MZFW MTOW MLAW and DOW) like a real companies thank you.
  3. Thank you but i dont undrestand where get this file Regex.Assembly.PFPX_OFP.regex .
  4. Hi please im looking for pfpx profile for the aerosoft crj pro 900 version i can"t find them in simbase Ecosystem folder help please thanks in advance.
  5. Good morning sir i have problem with aerosoft A330 it crashes when open Link on EFB i have windows 10 Fully updated v1909 latest nvidia driver also i update to Last version A a330 <Version installé: Pas de mise à jours disponible pour ce produit!> also P3D V4.5 Hotfix 2 Please help and have a good day
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