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    \\ there are some mistakes on this livery... I will do an other one ... Sorry // This is a livery for the aerosoft A320X of a tunisian airline '' Nouvelair'' Nouvelair was found in 1989. The airline have 11 Airbus A 320 (-214) and exploit them from Tunisia to many destinations in Europe specially. This livery was tested on FSX... I hope that it will work on P3D Don't share this livery on other website Have a good flight! DM
  2. It's my first livery I made... So... I don't know if I can do better...
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    This is a livery for Carenado ATR72-500 of the Tunisia national airline '' Tunisair'' Tunisair express have some ATR 72 and exploit them for regional flights ( like flights between Tunis Carthage int. airport and Djerba Zarzis int. airport ) and for flights between Tunis Carthage int. Airport and Malta or Palermo airport. Please extract the files and read the ''readme'' text for the instalation. Don't share this in other web site... Have a good flight!
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