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  1. Hello, just bought MallorcaX, but AES says not in library/not active. Is this the same as with Lisbon, or am I doing something wrong? Thnx, Jerry
  2. Everyone uses fsx in a different way. Some only fly military, others general aviation, or - my category- the tubeflyers. I spent hours as a kid - and I still could - watching platform operations at Schiphol. And I realise this is still a huge part of my fun; Airports, and simulating everything on the platform before flight. A silly feature that captainsim offers - the loader that comes with the 757 - makes my day. Before I even start in the cockpit I am busy around the plane. (Once at cruise, on auto, it is boring.... start/landing and the airport enviroment is important) Features like CS's loader, integrated in a product you already have inhouse: AES in the sim, would also greatly enhance the experience. With addons like PMDG you can simulate birdstrikes... ATC, however, can't handle this. I don't now till what extend it's possible, but a more complex atc would be high on my list. (emergencies etc) I was even thinking of something totally different -based on Blizzard's WoW, a sim that is more a mmorpg. Heavy online flying, with easy learning curve that graduately raises the bar (if that's how you wish to play a server for casual flying, one for more xp and one for hardcore or something) Maybe I got a bit carried away now, forgive me, it's the idea you put out there that makes me go Ps: Mathijs, you always mention you're cheap... Well so am I, so if exsisting addons could be ported in the new sim..... ( I have the cat, f16, airbus, pmdg and loads of others)
  3. Funny to see people's love for either Boeing or Airbus. A bit the same as the ever ongoing rivalry between Mercedes en BMW. I am no exception. As a young boy I made my first trip with a boeing 737-200. It was love at first sight. Therefore I am - at every possible opportuntiy - promoting the idea of a good 737NG. I know PMDG etc, and yes they will put a very good product on the market, but untill then... and maybe even positioned in between Wilco and PMDG... Basically the same strategy as yhou do now, with this exception. Wilco's 737 is the old 200-500 series, there is no NG availlable, The airbus version you have in store, the only thing to do is to make a more in depht version. Again I am shamelessly promoting boeing, mostly because I am not a very patient man and I have no idea when PMDG will bring its version on the market. Put my name up for pre-sale whenever it comes to development stage.
  4. Knowledge base, an incredible amount of files and the hours invested of anyone involved.....gone up in smoke as it seems. In fact it's a little bit of history of all of us in the FS community that is lost and I hate it! Jeroen.
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