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  1. I managed to download SP1 at my office and installed it without issue. It looks like there is an issue with my ISP and/or Wi-Fi at home. I appreciate the help.
  2. I appreciate that. Thank you. I am going to try downloading at the office this morning and see if I have any luck.
  3. Anyone? I really just want to fly the CRJ. The download stops and I have tried on multiple computers. It starts at 45 MB/s and drops to 6kb/s and then just stops.
  4. I can't even get the file to download. It stops at 1.02GB. I am even using a DL manager. Wondering if there are mirrors that I can try?
  5. Beautiful - that is helpful. I was able to capture the LOC on 16L on this most recent flight. I am doing the return shortly to CYVR and I am confident that I should be 2 for 2. I appreciate the in-depth help and answers. I love the regional jets and short hops and I like this plane. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the response Hans! I am using KSEA by Taxi2Gate. It was RWY16L (110.30). I didn't word my previous question properly - is AUTO selected when it's blue or when it's white? (In other words, when a word is white does it mean it's currently the active option or the inactive option?) I am preparing for another flight now to the same airport. I will update the results.
  7. I am having trouble getting the aircraft to recognize the LOC frequency that I input. Right now, I input the LOC frequency on the radio panel, fly with FMS1 in the NAV source and wait until I am close to the localizer. Unfortunately, the plane never registers the LOC (by indicating LOC in blue letters beside FMS1). I also cannot switch the NAV source to LOC, and VOR stays yellow. On the radio page, there is the auto-tune feature. Am I using it wrong? Right now the word AUTO is blue (and MAN is white). Does that mean it's active? I have also tried switching so AUTO is white (and MAN is blue), and still, no LOC indication or capture. I have the correct frequency tuned and I am at the proper altitude based on the charts for LOC capture. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Hello, I have run the installer for this airport scenery and the airport does not show up in P3Dv4. When I start the install, it asks where my simulator is installed (because it is not in the default location). I point the installer to the P3D folder, it accepts that folder, and then the next screen shows a whole bunch of P3D v3 config files. I have never had P3Dv3 installed on this computer. The installer installs to the P3Dv4/Ecosystem folder, runs very quickly, says it's installed and then finishes. When I start P3Dv4, it doesn't show the airport as an addon in either addon manager, nor does it show as scenery. And when I start at the airport in the sim, it's the default P3D scenery. What am I doing wrong?
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