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  1. I guess so, although even before making the comparison, the tower colour did not look very convincing.
  2. Why is the colour of the control tower a completely different shade of blue to the real thing? A quick image search on google will show this to be the case. Edit: Maybe the question is better put to RC Studio, I'll see if I can find a way to feed this back to them.
  3. I bought ENVA a week or so ago from Just Flight and it CTDs on pushback. I will raise the issue with Just Flight but seems strange you have supplied them with an old version of the code.
  4. I'm still mulling over whether to buy this product. But from looking at review videos it looks like the interior of the passenger cabin lets it down badly. This is especially a shame given the great effort you have made on the flight deck. If I didn't know better I would be wondering if you had re-used assets from FSX or P3D. Are there any plans to revisit this?
  5. Yes, someone pointed that out on another post, and as I'm not a fan of fictional liveries I'm happy with that. Tom A320, happy for you to remove this thread if you like. I should have researched more before I posted it in the first place
  6. Well maybe what I've read elsewhere isn't correct, but I did believe the UK was one of the biggest single markets for flight sim products I can understand why you have so many German liveries, but why so many American? PS, in response to a comment I posted elsewhere someone pointed out that no British airlines fly the CRJ, so I guess I must forgive you on those grounds alone 😉
  7. I notice that your CRJ product for MSFS 2020 does not advertise a UK skin. Don't you want to sell it to us over here?
  8. Shaun, I ordered the download version and entered the cd key from the boxed version in the discount field. This applied what I think was the upgrade price (24.95 Euros) and allowed me to take the full download version with a new serial number. Regards Jon
  9. Thanks very much yes thats worked fine
  10. Hi, I own VFR Germany West, and would like to upgrade to VFR Germany 2010. However, unfortunately I own the boxed version, so it seems the upgrade option is not open to me? Is this the case or is there some upgrade price open to me as well? Regards Jon
  11. Hello All, I mainly fly VFR in the UK and Europe and ever since I started using FSX the one issue I have is the inappropriate accents used in ATC for flying in these areas. I'm not looking for a more realistic ATC experience in any other way, just one that sounds more immersive than the standard accents. I've tried VOX ATC. Although that gave me the UK accents, the voice recognition and increased realism were not features I wanted and it became more trouble than it was worth for me. I'm not interested in VAT sim as I am looking for an offline simming experience. From what I have read of Proflight Emulator Deluxe, it does give regional accents. However, will it give me any benefit if I am flying VFR without a filed flight plan? And will it also work for traffic generated by Ultimate Traffic 2? Thanks Jon
  12. Seems it's completely messed up now. I tried to run a repair installation and now FSX won't run at all. Looks like I just have to brace myself for hours of fun reinstalling everything again. As for Mytraffic...
  13. It looks like whatever I do I will need to restore USEnglishBig.gvp . Can anyone suggest how I can do this without a full re-install of FSX?
  14. Thanks v much Shaun. Is there another way I can get regional voices?
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