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  1. I've just reached 217 meters in #BananaKong. Download it from the @AppStore and try to beat me! http://t.co/GbOe6EyNpc

  2. Josh Smith is diming like crazy against DAL right now... Wow.

  3. Indiana Burger on its way ! @ Place de la Republique http://t.co/krCCavULag

  4. Tu les connais ces jours où il fait beau? Tu arrives avec les croissants pour les collègues. Et où… http://t.co/BxtInORLXV

  5. First day at school. Easy peazy!! http://t.co/DrvPIGXtC1

  6. Kobe Bryant Shows No Mercy Against Fan in 1-on-1 Battle in China http://t.co/8aYxvPCHlZ via @bleacherreport

  7. Spurs Rout Heat to Take 3-1 Lead in NBA Finals. Bon bah c'est MORT LeBron!! http://t.co/6B5lTdiavH

  8. Moments... With the homies. http://t.co/Nv8GOTJTGQ

  9. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! You know my name bitch !! http://t.co/3V44fcCnJi

  10. Game of Thrones, NBA Edition (Game of Zones) http://t.co/q77LrgBgBr

  11. New toy. I love Lego Technic!!! http://t.co/wyXnSEDgzH

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