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  1. I just finished a Delta livery from Avsim for the A320. Wasn't too difficult but it does require knowledge of the FS file structure. 20yrs worth.
  2. I've noticed this short "Beep" or warning sound or whatever it is. Seems it occurs at approximately 13000 feet every time ..
  3. Thank you Bob. I know its not reading mine. Just curious, What if you don't have a PMDG aircraft?
  4. So, the AB MCDU reads the PMDG file, if I understand or do you have to put it in an Aerosdoft file. Seems odd? \\My PC\p3dv4\Prepar3DV4\PMDG\WX...?
  5. The Aerosoft airbus MCDU reads from the PMDG folder???
  6. I had an issue with the updater. It was different than yours but I had to (Inthe Documents,Aerosoft,ASUpdater folder) right click on ASUpdater.exe /properties/change settings for all users/ Run this program as administrator. May be worth a try?
  7. Been running the Bus in Windows 7. Aircraft works fine. I'm having a problem with the Updater but it probably has nothing to do with the OS...Edit: That was resolved with Administration rights. My bad. Works perfect now.
  8. Divide by 2 is close enough for all practical purposes. Never had a problem with that philosophy until LBS are modeled.
  9. Fantastic.."Super" as My Austrian Grandchildren would say! Graphics, flight dynamics and navigation all great. Negative, have not been able to get the updater working.
  10. The updater isn't working for me (Errors)? I don't quite understand this post, is there a problem with it?
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