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  1. Yes, they saw the same thing on the FBW A32X. It appears to be a slightly easier resolution however as the original code was handling issues with the flight model, so they just need to dial the fixes back to account for a more accurate flight model in sim now.
  2. Were Asobo correct when they said that the only outstanding issue (that they're aware of) was fuel burn, and the SDK update coming with the GB world update has a fix for it? Thanks for all the community service you do!
  3. @Mathijs Kok I'm sure you're aware, but it is a very small, vocal part of the community that will raise issues / concerns with the message you gave. I imagine as we're nearing release, Microsoft / Asobo want to control the marketing and communications of the product as it will be a 'flagship' product for the sim. This is a whole new world of heavily commercialised simming from the sheer volume of new users, with significant resource invested over the last few years and there are new rules in play to maximise profits for all involved. The details you gave were really appreciated, a
  4. You specify a release date when you feel you need to drum up interest and get the product 'out there'. However, this isnt the case with this one as it will sell itself. I imagine it will be a sudden release.
  5. Loving all the updates! Really excited about the VR release next week, and cant wait to try it with this bird (pending the clear performance issues there will be in VR!) Thanks again team, really nice.
  6. This may have been answered previously, or is too long for a forum post, but what is the process to converting code to FS2020. Having played a small part in the A32X project, using JS and html on the screens was a really interesting experience. Is it a complete conversion of code, or can you still take lots from the previous version? Thanks
  7. I think this shows that you're not just thinking about the commercial success of this product, but also how proud you are of it! It really shows and gives confidence to us future customers! Keep up the great work. fingers crossed the (Asobo) stars align and you get beta testing completed, and everything cleared up FS wise before Christmas
  8. Happy to wait, but would loooove two variants of the cockpit textures... Newly delivered Rough and ready Or better yet, change the textures per flight hour to gradually dirty up the cockpit I jest (or do I?), stunning shot as always and the quality is immense. Really looking forward to this... fingers crossed its a Christmas present from Aerosoft (looking at you Asobo / MS!)
  9. Its weird because even a cursory glance at the SDK and development opportunities means you can develop you're own AP and flight model entirely independently from MS's default. At that point you can put custom table data in etc to get it right. Fly by wire are demonstrating this will be their custom FBW work, which is a huge leap ahead of the default they were using.
  10. I want to apologise if you felt the need to defend PMDG. Many of us have very fond feelings toward them, and it was personally my first high fidelity aircraft. I'm excited to see what all of the third party developers produce, and each have their own 'style' if you like. As you said, some are for complete systems down, some are more a captains addon for realistic flights. Thanks again for being so open with the community though... exciting times to be a simmer!
  11. I feel lots of new simmers are going to be shocked at PMDG pricing then!
  12. Window shades down while on the ground.... literally unplayable! The air stewards wouldn't be happy Glorious images Mathijs.. really looking forward to MSFS's first real airliner! Very quick question... is ground handling an issue? All aircraft seem to be stuck in sand when moving around the apron
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