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  1. Lets not feed the trolls / uninformed. With any element of common sense, you'd understand that there are model changes which in turn means performance calculations updates etc. Plus, Aerosoft are giving you an option to purchase or not... I just dont get the hate at that. Either buy it or don't, your choice!
  2. Have you tried a complete uninstall / reinstall using the installer from instant downloads?
  3. An issue was identified on the latest release, and the Aerosoft team: - Was fully transparent and confirmed the issue - Got the community involved to diagnose - Was completely honest about testing strategy, how an unfortunate lack of single axis beta testers led to it being missed (which I'm sure is being discussed internally?) - Pulled a fix together and shipped to MS as soon as was possible - Available in ASUpdater today, only a couple of days after it was first found. Bravo team... in an otherwise turbulent community that is Flight Simulation, you're a beacon of hope! Thanks everyone involved, especially those fellow customers who kept a level head and didn't throw their toys out of the pram!
  4. I'm noticing lots of CG's are out. Click the load button a few times and wait for it to center.
  5. After about 5 or 6 flights, I finally managed a solid flight today start to finish (apart from forgetting to arm the reversers). I must say, its an incredible aircraft, and the vast majority of issues I was having were down to just lack of training.... mainly not maintaining correct speeds on the approach run! Congratulations to the entire team, wonderful job. ps this advice was crucial to getting it right: The correct speeds to fly an approach are for a 28.000 kg = 62000 lb aircraft Intercept LOC 200 and Flaps 2 Intercepts GS 180 and Flaps 3 Established GS 160 Flaps 4 On final 130 GD Flaps 5
  6. Hi all, I've put off posting here as I'm sure this is problem between chair and joystick, however I'm having a really hard time with ILS approaches. Everything else is going great, from cockpit and aircraft prep to cruise and descent perfectly following the snowflake. However, when I select approach mode and change the nav mode to LOC1, the aircraft acts as expected and turns to capture the localizer and pitches down to capture the glideslope. The problem comes at about 10 - 15nm, with the aircraft falling below the glideslope regardless of speed. It will then pitch up aggressively to try and chase the green (blue?) dot. I'm generally hovering about 200 knots and this point, getting ready to deploy further flaps after going to flaps 1 around 220. I've also reviewed the below: We have four reasons for not flying right: 1. Using LEGACY versus MODERN flight model => chnage to MODERN - Confirmed using MODERN 2. Weather with icing condition which in MSFS is only putting way too much weight onto the aircraft =>switch to ICING only VISUAL effect - Have set it to use visual only 3. Incorrect loading from EFB to Sim - sometimes a double click helps - Had to double clock, but confirmed it set correctly 4. The CoG slider is fulle to the left => put it fully to the RIGHT (35%) - Confirmed Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, and happy to answer any questions! Thanks
  7. There is a search function in the top corner... but for clarity, no, not yet.
  8. Probably released at around 3pm GMT, like the other MS updates.... I imagine it needs to align with when MS updates the store.
  9. Really feeling the excitement for this. Would it be possible to maybe set up an official Discord channel for this product on release? Means quick community assistance if required (lots of questions about the slow initial load for example!) Cheers all, and good luck with the release!
  10. Yes, they saw the same thing on the FBW A32X. It appears to be a slightly easier resolution however as the original code was handling issues with the flight model, so they just need to dial the fixes back to account for a more accurate flight model in sim now.
  11. Were Asobo correct when they said that the only outstanding issue (that they're aware of) was fuel burn, and the SDK update coming with the GB world update has a fix for it? Thanks for all the community service you do!
  12. @Mathijs Kok I'm sure you're aware, but it is a very small, vocal part of the community that will raise issues / concerns with the message you gave. I imagine as we're nearing release, Microsoft / Asobo want to control the marketing and communications of the product as it will be a 'flagship' product for the sim. This is a whole new world of heavily commercialised simming from the sheer volume of new users, with significant resource invested over the last few years and there are new rules in play to maximise profits for all involved. The details you gave were really appreciated, and gave a real insight into the development of the aircraft. We now find ourselves in a position where MS / Asobo need to ensure they have oversight and control of this release in line with their own marketing and release models... and I'm sure this also means they would rather keep talk of issues with the SDK etc internal for now. Many, many of us are excited about this product and cannot wait for the release. Everyone should just let the gears turn and go with the flow a little. You have provided a reasoned communication to everyone, and that's all we expect you to do.
  13. You specify a release date when you feel you need to drum up interest and get the product 'out there'. However, this isnt the case with this one as it will sell itself. I imagine it will be a sudden release.
  14. Loving all the updates! Really excited about the VR release next week, and cant wait to try it with this bird (pending the clear performance issues there will be in VR!) Thanks again team, really nice.
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