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  1. You sure about that ? the nosewheel steering was selected by a pushbutton which is present on all marks . My 19 sqn rigger guru tells me that although proposed, nosewheel steering was never implemented .
  2. It is of course the F2A cockpit … ….( I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms :O)………… and just about everything is different . only the seat and stick seem to be constant ! Still looking for info on the PAS gunsight , so if anyone has the weapons manual for the F1/2 it would be much appreciated.
  3. Really Warhorse? ….. you must still be wearing your blinkers 😏 D
  4. Version 1.0.0


    19 sqn metal finish
  5. Hi How strange You should still be able to use it though .... click and drag left or right . The fix for the popup box is at..... http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/55526-get-your-free-mitchell-wing-v101-here/page__st__40# post #78 gives you a radio, gps and transponder . Cheers Dave R
  6. Hi The ground showing through like that is due to the close proximity between the viewpoint and ground level , nothing can be done about it , you'll see it on all the smaller aircraft (and larger ones if you play with the viewpoint ) the effect goes as soon as you start to climb . As for power settings , it's only 40+ HP and small wheels. if you are taking off on grass you'll need a fist full of throttle to get it rolling ! cheers Dave R
  7. Hi You are doing nothing wrong nor can it be corrected as far as I know . Its an unfortunate consequence of the viewpoint being so close to the ground on these smaller machines . (That's why once you have climbed a few feet the anomaly goes.) If you use the pan buttons to lower your eyepoint you will see the same effect appear on even some medium sized aircraft (see attached sample) It's best if you don't zoom back so much ,that way its below your vision line . Cheers Dave R
  8. That's great news Max A must for my "favorites"
  9. Oh sure it is , damned if I can remember how though , never got around to it myself even Mathijs or Joachim should put you right . Cheers Dave R
  10. Hi Rob I put them up on flightsim and simviation as well ( thought it the best way to to get them to those who have already bought it ) Cheers Dave R
  11. Hi Mark You seem to have sorted it out As you say the rudder pedals operate the drag rudders independantly , so in the real world if you stamp on both pedals at once they both deploy as spoilers to give glide slope control,(it is modeled), of course you then have no more travel for the rudders to give a steering effect so you have to back off on the spoilers to gain rudder control . Unfortunately FSX isn't that intelligent (or I'm not !) so in the sim even with full spoilers deployed although there is no extra movement rudder control is retained. Cheers Dave R
  12. The canard incidence should be right , the references say 6-11 degrees . The yellow model has metric gauges ,so the landing speed sticker is in kilometers/hour so it equates to about 50 mph . Cheers Dave R
  13. Hi Mike Is that a friction adjustment to give feel, rather than an aerodynamic trim you are describing ? All my references have the elevator and control column connected by a single tube . The canard incidence is info from the Falcon East site , but if you mean where to find it in the sim its the aircraft.cfg [AIRPLANE_GEOMETRY] ,htail settings just like "normal" planes except it's at the front. Not sure how you could change the panel it's part of the 3d model ! PM me and well see what I can do . Cheers Dave R
  14. Damn , damn, and double damn :groan_s: ................ sorry guys my fault. I moved the contact point sideways for diagnosis and forgot to put it back, and its been passed over in v1.01 . Don't know why it has stopped the front wheel animation ,but it has . If you open the aircraft .cfg in notepad and scroll down to [Contact Points].... point.0 should read... point.0 =1, -1.83, 0.00, -2.08, 800, 0, 0.73, 20, 0.05, 1.5, 1.1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 // Gear Nose Alternatively retain the old aircraft.cfg. Dave R
  15. Hi Rob Yes , If you take the aircraft up and set the rpm at around 5100, with hands off (just keep it going straight)the speed should settle around 54kts , and the climb/descent reads 0 ...... keep an eye on the RPM , Vario and ASI ...open the throttle gently, RPM rises , climb goes up , but speed stays the same . Gently close the throttle ,RPM drops , climb/descent falls , speed stays constant . In the real world the trim is pre-set by a combination of canard angle, engine thrust line and cg changes . Cheers Dave R
  16. That is how things are in real life FSX does however have its limitations 1. The switch happens automatically , if you have the pilot in the cockpit you will see his feet move outboard from the steering pedals onto the rudders just as he leaves the ground , and back as he lands , in the air the steering is inop. because his feet are off the steering pedals. 2. Odd statement that .... cruise should be about 75% throttle and at the end of the green scale on the asi , hands off the aircraft should be neither climbing or descending , if you open the throttle from there the aircraft will climb, close it and you will start to descend . There is no movable trim in the cockpit . Hope that helps Dave R
  17. Hi Mike Knowing you were a Falcon owner and flightsim enthusiast (info gleaned from the Falcon Flyers club) I actually emailed you when I first began this project to see if you would be able to help ...so I'm guessing you never got the message cos I never heard back ! Some of your points are indeed valid , the typo error.... the engine is indeed 277, and it was not kitbuilt (although the wording in the original promotional blurb states"...is available in kit form and can be quickly finished to perfection by your American Aircraft dealer. ") hence the confusion . But I have never found two Falcons alike , all are heavily customised by the owners,(yours included) Most rotax engines I came across now seem to be gearbox driven , and the fixed nose gear is an official modification supplied by Falcon East. They were originally offered in four colour schemes with optional pinstriping ,but I think most are now sporting a custom paint job . Never the less you feedback is appreciated ( Just wish we had contacted sooner ). Best regards Dave R
  18. If you lean over the side of the cockpit and click anywhere on the gear legs you will get the Spats to appear . (Does not apply to the model with spats, they are fixed ) Cheers Dave R
  19. Hi There If you just want to repaint the fuselage chose one of the other models and repaint the fuselage_T ,and fuselage_T_spec(if needed) in that folder , that way the wings will stay transparent . Some Falcons are now covered with conventional fabric ( The Tedlar is quite expensive), that's why I introduced the totally opaque model . I use Paint shop Pro v9 ....... works for me Dave R
  20. Agh , sorry guys , what can I say . This is why we can not give definite dates for a release . It was supposed to be on Monday just gone, but the forum being down over the weekend meant the Beta testers could not give the release candidate its final once over . It's with them now so we are just awaiting their OK . So it will be available .... soon
  21. Better make that welding goggles , and an Irving jacket as it's getting cold ...... nearly there
  22. How about "The daylight at the end of the tunnel is so bright I've gotta wear shades" To be more specific , the beta testers found a couple of issues which have been dealt with , so it will be back in their hands for approval next week , so if all's OK the release should be ...... soon ! in fact on a geological time scale .... damn soon !
  23. I can't see why not , your avatar shows you to be reasonably humanoid . I'm not sure what a face tool is ... but if you are familiar with photo/paint shop(or any program that allows you to layer) ,open the relevant texture and superimpose your photo, and adjust to size , making sure the eyes and mouth line up ,you could also change the glasses to the style you wear . Cheers Dave R
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