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  1. Hi Raphael The thing to do is find out what your system objects to in the F2A . As the exterior and interior models work in the F6 folder that clears those . The rest of the F2A's workings seem to be proved by the fact that they load if combined with the F6 model . I was hopeing that it might have been a command called up in the panel folder but that seems not to be the case I said to try the F53 as that has the same extras ( intake blank and pitot cover etc ) as the F2A . but it's clutching at straws. It's awful hard to find a fault I can't duplicate. Does the F2A show in the preview without crashing ? Cheers Dave
  2. Hi Raphael So the F6 models work in the F2A folder and the F2A models work in the F6 folder. Have you tried with the F2A interior in the F2A folder but with the F6 as the exterior model ? It seems as if one of the commands for a function exclusive to the F2A is causing a problem . If it is in the exterior model the only real difference between the F2 and the 6 is the gunpack . In the interior model it is the gunsight. You could try cancelling al the entries in the panel cfg that pertain to the Lit_F2A folder i.e..... //gauge00=Lit_F2A!LitF2A_load.xml, 0, 0, 681,780 and those in the [Vcockpit01 ,03 , 04 Set the models back in the correct folders and If things load ok clear the // off one by one until you get the CTD . Have you got the F53 and does load Ok ? and do you have Tacpack ? Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Raphael This is strange , if the F6 works there is no reason the F2A shouldn't. the only difference is minor details. All I can think to do is swap things out with the F6 to try and show where the problem lies. In the model.F2A folder rename the interior .mdl ( put an X in front of it ) and copy the F6 interior model across and rename that as EElightningF2a_interior.mdl . If that is a no go do the same for the exterior model . you could try the same putting the F2 into the F6 . You will get some black areas where the textures are missing , but it will show that the basic model is working. Another thing to try is hiding the .dll's in the panel folder ( again just rename with an X in front of it .) I have had the saved default flight cause problems before , try changing that. Dave
  4. Hmmm... I have sent a link for a new download to your messages. try that. Dave
  5. Hi Raphael That is a bit weird, an incompatible sound controller has sometimes caused problems , Try opening the F2A's panel folder and open the panel .cfg in notebook, then put a // in front of the [Vcockpit01] gauge01=ASC!MAIN, so it reads..... //gauge01=ASC!MAIN, and save . If the aircraft loads you will not get the extra switch sounds , but we can sort that later. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Raphael Have you got the F2a in a P3D add-ons folder ? if so try transferring it to your main Arcrafts folder .and see if that works. Cheers Dave
  7. Hi RW The F2a ( and all the other lightnings) should work fine in P3d v5. What exactly is the problem you are having ? Dave R
  8. Hi Sounds like you have missed a texture. Post a screenshot so I can tell you witch one. The intake blank wasn't animated on the F3/F6 , but I figured the framerate was good enough for me to throw a few more polygons into the mix , so the T5 / F53 / F2A got the animated blank, pitot cover and ground locks etc. Cheers Dave R
  9. Hi I'm afraid the F1a /F2 bonus model that came with the F3 is still only the exterior model I suppose you could replace the interior model with that from the new F2A , but you would also need to transfer over a lot of the textures and Panel folder stuff .... but it would still be wrong, the F1/2 had a black finish in the cockpit not grey, and the fuel gauges would be out, and the throttle boxes differ ( same style as the T5 R/H seat ) Cheers Dave R
  10. Mon dieu , so there is still life out there ! Hi Cameron Well you might try taking more water with your whiskey , or booking an appointment with Specsavers 🤣 but on a more helpful side the gauges on the Lightning are all textures applied in the .MDL whereas the hud textures will be applied on the fly through the "panel" .bmp's , so it might be worth checking the gremlins haven't been at your settings , global resolution should be ultra high in the aircraft tab and very high in general and screen resolution at optimum for your monitor . Also check the settings for your graphics card are updated and optimised. I suppose if your monitor was on its way out that could cause fuzziness, ..... but not the hud distortion . Cheers Dave
  11. Hi WH The keyboad commands are in ....panel / Lit_Tac / keys.xml ......and can be set to any combination you desire , In panel.cfg make sure the keys.xml is called up in [VCockpit 02} Don't forget the keyboard commands will only work whilst in VC mode. Merry Christmas :0) DR
  12. Hi You will not find an LFS switch on the F2A , It has the PAS ( Pilot Attack Sight) and so you must use the F2A switch settings from the manual . If you have all the right switch settings , I really do not understand why the sight reticles are not displaying, they are part of the model and textured with DDS image "Gunsight". Further markings are used in TP for the F2A but TP is not required for the main parts of the display on either aircraft . I have just downloaded a clean install into P3Dv4.5 , and all is as it should be. Dave
  13. Hi Well in your screenshot of the F6 cockpit the LFS sight is not switched ON ! To the left of the sight body below the rad alt light is a switch marked CRT / LFS switch it down to LFS . For the F2A please attach a shot as before. Dave
  14. Hi That is not the F2A cockpit ! It is the F6 . Check in the Aerosoft Lightning F2A / Model.F2A folders you should have the .MDL files ; EElightningF2a and EElightningF2a_interior and the model .cfg file should read ........... normal=EElightningF2a interior=EElightningF2a_interior Dave
  15. Hi Can you post a screenshot showing ( or not showing as the case may be ! ) the problem . DR
  16. Hi Don't know why I said textures .... must have been tired and panicked ! Lets check you have the switching right, For the F2A 1 Raise the sight glass ( either just the largest or both ) 2 Select ("all on" from the menue and start the engines ) increase rpm until A/C and TURB lights go out. 3 select guns or GW on the master arm rotary switch you should now have the range scale at the top of the glass and the target reticle in the centre 4 switching on the radar will introduce the closing rate scale above the reticle Dave
  17. Hi When you say the HUD are you referring to the PAS gunsight on the F2a and the LFS gunsight on the F6 ? , is anything on the gunsight glass visible ? It can only be a texture issue TP will not affect it .... or maybe your seat is too high / low . DR
  18. Hi WH There is no change to the F6 , but the F2A will be replaced by a completely new model . DR
  19. Hi WH The new F2A is exactly that , totally new . The one that came with the original F6 was only an exterior model as the VC was F6, but the latest F2A has the full F2A VC and an updated exterior with all the blanks and pitot covers etc . The F6 itself is unchanged but the installer will now cater up to P3D v5 . Cheers DR
  20. Hi Dave Aye , I get the same .... I'll get onto the bosses. DR
  21. The F6 and F2a are now compatible with FSX and P3D v4 and 5 ( the old F6 model was p3dv2 , but your original account download is still valid) and download is available now . Cheers Dave R
  22. Hi all Well it's taken a while , but the all new model of the EE Lightning F2A is now ready at last . It has been included with the F6 model download so existing owners of the F6 can just redownload their purchase to get it. Time to dust off the bone dome, happy flying. Dave R
  23. Hi guys It's taken a while to get the F2A to you, but existing owners of the F6 can download it again and the new model of the F2A is included so it's free . Even looks good in MSFS...... can't get it to fly though ! :0( Hope you enjoy Dave Rowberry
  24. Hi Willie No such thing as a silly question... only silly answers :0)................... That's the way I set it up , the instructors waiting for the pupil to finish his external walkround checks ( that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it .) If you select "Set for solo flight" as well, he will disappear. Dave
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