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  1. As reply to "DX is more used than OpenGL": 1.7M spending
  2. If you would say because we don't want any extra work ok, but saying DX to be more stable is silly. Myself I'll be more than happy to ditch Vista as soon as possible. Look here at my current problem: http://www.vistax64.com/software/250300-net-framework.html Activison didn't support Linux/Mac with Wolfenstein 2 because of the extra work. Even though the game engine they used would have made such possible. But such approach also shows in the game. Even with the newer engine, the game is less fun than Wolfenstein.
  3. OpenGL can do anything that DX11 does! But it has much nicer texture rendering etc. FSX looks dead ugly...I'm sorry. Also targeting multiple platforms has no visual impact at all and only minimal additional work at inital stage. But hey if you want DX11 why not make it run on Linux with WINE. DX9 is already working...(not perfect though)
  4. Without a Linux version I'll almost certainly stick to X-plane, Fly!Legacy and Flightgear etc. as I don't intend to update creepy Vista64 anymore.
  5. Anyway, adding to my previous posts, I think to have the most possible realism is the ultimate goal. Flight prep. etc. all like in a real plane. If you don't do that correctly, like in real planes, you go down etc. Flying zones etc. I think you should put all back and implement the ultimate REAL simulation first. All eye candy etc. comes later and maybe even leave that to addons. Version 1 consisting only of a Flying school adhering to the absolut realism.- Yea I'd buy such....
  6. When shall we get the new sim? Did you think about: - use/develop/bring up Flightgear or Fly!Legacy - use a cross platform game engine ( idsoft etc. ) - porting your addons to X-Plane ( or Flightgear etc. ) So this thread is open for months...get started folks! Building a successor to FSX takes time.... Let us know when work has begun. Thanks.
  7. I'm looking forward for any sim better than FSX or X-Plane etc. A challenge... But I won't buy for ex. Rise of flight as it's too restricted. ( onlinestatus, planes, sceneries, OS etc. )
  8. The Nvidia 8800 GTS with 512MB is working ok, at least it was the best card availabe around a year ago when I bought a new PC. But nowadays I'm using mostly X-Plane...
  9. idsoft's engine has an abstraction layer and uses both DX and OpenGL for rendering. Try the upcoming Wolfenstein :-)
  10. Do yourself a favor and use a existing game engine like for ex. from idsoft. This is not only top notch but also working on Linux/Mac etc. Myself I'll soon run all my Windows applications with wine and not upgrade Vista anymore.
  11. Hi even after a perfect landing in Zell am See it says that I've landed abroad. How comes? Where exactly do I have to land to fulfill the mission? Thanks Michael
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