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  1. The download links on my account page currently don't work. I need fresh copies of both the CRJ and the airbus. How do I go about that?
  2. This is bad advice if you have a high refresh rate monitor. Games like P3D don't translate well to these types of displays because there's no way to achieve a high enough frame rate in the sim to avoid tearing and other graphical glitches. It's the reason vsync and frame rate limiters were introduced.
  3. Alright, well now I feel a little bit silly. Thanks.
  4. The 318/319 works just fine; even if it's somewhat unreliable at times. So yeah, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with my P3D install.
  5. I'll probably get told to piss off like I did last time I tried to post for support, but I installed the 320/321 today and the popup MCDU is blank. Which means I can't load panel states, manage weight and balance or push back. See attached screenshot.
  6. Are you kidding me? There's 5 posts in this thread including yours. I'm just not going through the effort of reporting problems to you if all you're going to do is go REEEEEEEEEEEEEE NEW THREAD. I don't like paying to beta test software and I especially don't like being told to go myself when I try to report problems in earnest. This is the last Aerosoft purchase I'll ever make.
  7. So I couldn't reproduce my original issue but I had another problem during this flight. One of the middle displays just would not function.
  8. I can do a little better than screenshots. I'll set up my test flight when I get home and send you an indexed VOD.
  9. If you flick VOR off on the MCP, the AP stops following the path programmed in the FMGS. This is incorrect behavior. I should be able to flick that switch off if I'm not interested in seeing the VOR needles on my ND. To make matters worse, if you flick it off, cross a waypoint and then flick it back on again after realizing it's no longer tracking, LNAV just no longer works at all. Even if you try to course correct by going DIR to something. The plane will just never track what's in the FMGS again.
  10. hohum

    Fuel Planner

    Oh I got it now. Thanks. That's not easy to find. Or documented anywhere as far as I can tell. Not at all intuitive.
  11. hohum

    Fuel Planner

    Where is the 3rd MCDU? I only see 2 of them in my plane.
  12. hohum

    Fuel Planner

    Maybe I'm stupid but i don't see how it's possible to send data from the fuel planner into the sim. I can change the values but there's no button to send my load to the sim. I also can't figure out how to make the plane start up cold and dark. Please help.
  13. Hey Aerosoft, You guys should reach out to the likes of Irkut and Comac and get enough documentation to put together a MC-21 and a C919. The Chinese and Russian civil aviation markets are poised to be interesting in the coming years, to say the least.
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